30 May 2008

Miss World 2008 - and onwards

OK, I know it's way too big - the dress I made. But, isn't the model a real poppet?

27 May 2008


What a day. It rained all day but I went out for my walk and then hung myself up to dry when I got back!!!
What I did manage was to re-price my Roly Poly Tat Bags on Etsy. I had put them a little high in price as I didn't really know what to pitch them at. Now I want people to buy them as I'm finding mine just SO useful. Here's the Etsy shop.
I also got myself sorted and listed two more in Ebay along with a brand new bag of embroidery floss which a friend gave to me and which I'm sure I'll never use!!!!
So, that was a wet day in the UK. Today looks like being the same too!!!!

26 May 2008

A little bit of tatting

I know this blog is about tatting but sometimes I digress a little. No excuses this time, though, as there is a little itsy bitsy bit of tatting involved here!
It is a loooooong, loooooong time since I've made a little girl's dress and I'm going to brag about this one! I bought the pattern about two weeks ago and had forgotten the thrill of taking out those flimsy bits of tissue paper to sort them out. I remember this as being one of the highlights of dressmaking when I used to make all the family's clothes.
Way back when my two were tiny (the oldest has recently turned 40) I used to work at a playgroup every Friday morning. The pay for this was the princely sum of £1.00 ($2.00). With two tiny daughters in a double pushchair I used to dash back through the town, after playgroup, to the Friday street market where Cliff had a fabric stall. I spent my
£1 on fabric to make clothes for the 'females' in the family.
Even when I was back in full time work (teaching) I would try to get to the Friday market for my fabrics and remember occasionally dashing back to school, putting the children's tiny tables together and pinning out a pattern on the fabric - much to the amusement of colleagues.
I can't tell you how many times over the past week or more I've taken those pieces of tissue out of the packet and put them back!! I was almost afraid to start. Anyway, I did!!! I tried to follow the instructions but soon went back to my old ways of 'instinct' and the little dress has worked up a treat. I found some thread that exactly matched the flowers to finish it off with three tiny tatted motifs.
Tomorrow I will post it to my daughter as it's for my six month old granddaughter. After three grandsons it's good to have a little girl to make for. She received her first (pink) tatting shuttle on the day I met her for the first time!!

25 May 2008

Here are the bracelets and earrings

This is what I've been up to while everybody's been playing with the TIAS!!! I've got 'stuck' on making these!! I'm now working on a necklace to match the purply bracelet and earrings. Don't know what it is about this design but it's become addictive!!! If you click on each picture you'll get a closer look - I hope!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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