24 July 2010

New (ish) earrings!

I've got a whole new outfit.  A rare, very rare happening for me.  I HATE shopping for clothes - always have done.

I used to make all my own stuff but haven't for many years now so I find it extremely difficult to choose from rails of 'ready mades'!!!! 

BUT I love making accessories so I made these earwigs using this pattern (with adaptations, of course) to make these in the same colours as the outfit.  I'll add the findings later today but I couldn't wait to share.

I bought the trousers from the Isle of Wight, the tshirty top from Debenhams and the over jacket from the Friday street market and it looks fine as a whole 'set'.

I MAY make a matching pendant tomorrow - IF I have the time and the inclination!!!

23 July 2010

Just a small thing.

Not a lot going on in my corner of tat land.  I apologise to all those New Zealanders to whom I promised a new pattern.  I WILL get there.

Summer isn't a good time for designing as I never get settled to anything early enough in the day!!!  

I gave away about a dozen bookmarks on Monday as a very special thank you to a group of people so am now going to start 'stocking up' again.  Still it keeps  me out of mischief - or it's supposed to!!!

22 July 2010

To follow on

To follow on from yesterday!!!

If you follow my blog then you'll have read yesterday's post about the Palmetto quilt and will have seen the finished item.  

I've never ever done a square like this before and so agonised over it for ages and ages.  The first picture below is the 'naked' square and the second is my contribution.  

They are actually the same piece but the second one isn't 'true' colours.  Probably because of the 'bling' shining and the flash catching it.  Not sure as I don't understand photography - I'm a point, guess and press person!!!

Did you see Erin's square here?  Can you spot Georgia?  Having seen this square I'd love to have mine back and add more to it but it's tooooooo late!!!

21 July 2010

You've just GOT to see this.

I mean it - seriously, seriously SERIOUSLY.  
This is the ..........  

Well, I'm not telling you what it is you've just got to CLICK AND GO there!!!!

20 July 2010

A commission

My day at the Medieval Fayre was my first ever (as far as I can remember) attempt at selling tatting 'live' and was for me hugely successful.  Here's another link.

While I was demonstrating one elderly couple spotted this dangle which wasn't for sale but was on my display.  The lady insisted she wanted two similar ones made for her granddaughters and I took details of the colours she wanted (orange, red, yellow with a little blue and green).  She said they must be exactly the same or they'd argue!!!!  I'm sure we all understand that!!!
Now whoever designed this pattern is either totally and utterly certifiable or mildly bonkers - I go for the first option!!!  

It's not hard but it does need to be read carefully as it's worked.  I thought of re-writing it but in the end decided that IF I could follow it several years after designing it then it would stay as it is!!!  I'm the world's worst at following my own patterns!!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.