22 July 2010

To follow on

To follow on from yesterday!!!

If you follow my blog then you'll have read yesterday's post about the Palmetto quilt and will have seen the finished item.  

I've never ever done a square like this before and so agonised over it for ages and ages.  The first picture below is the 'naked' square and the second is my contribution.  

They are actually the same piece but the second one isn't 'true' colours.  Probably because of the 'bling' shining and the flash catching it.  Not sure as I don't understand photography - I'm a point, guess and press person!!!

Did you see Erin's square here?  Can you spot Georgia?  Having seen this square I'd love to have mine back and add more to it but it's tooooooo late!!!


Sally Kerson said...

It seems (with my very limited knowledge on this) that the tatting on each square reflects the person who did it, not sure what that says about you though! Anyway adding more might have spoilt it, looks great as it is. Strange how different the colours of the background look on each one, but cameras are a mystery to me too!

Riet the B-engel from Holland said...

i love your block You know that is the fun with this project, we were busy all over the world and now they come together and what is so nice all the different pieces go with each other
Riet the B-engel

Maureen said...

I had already identified your block when I first folowed Georgia's link - I recognised the leaves!

Josie said...

I love it.

Hope said...

It is awesome to see the finished product! It is the most stressful thing I ever worked on- I have seldom felt so inept-but then- this was my first attempt EVER at CQ- and I did 3 of the blasted blocks. It surely cleaned out my boo boo stash- and my tatted bits stash as well.

Wendy said...

It's beautiful. Well done.

agasunset said...

Very nice!

Martha said...

Me too, agonized forever over my square, and ultimately, the perfectionist in me wasn't satisfied, but the deadline had come.

Isa said...

It's georgeous!

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