20 July 2010

A commission

My day at the Medieval Fayre was my first ever (as far as I can remember) attempt at selling tatting 'live' and was for me hugely successful.  Here's another link.

While I was demonstrating one elderly couple spotted this dangle which wasn't for sale but was on my display.  The lady insisted she wanted two similar ones made for her granddaughters and I took details of the colours she wanted (orange, red, yellow with a little blue and green).  She said they must be exactly the same or they'd argue!!!!  I'm sure we all understand that!!!
Now whoever designed this pattern is either totally and utterly certifiable or mildly bonkers - I go for the first option!!!  

It's not hard but it does need to be read carefully as it's worked.  I thought of re-writing it but in the end decided that IF I could follow it several years after designing it then it would stay as it is!!!  I'm the world's worst at following my own patterns!!!!


Margarets designer cards said...

They look great but who ever designed them never thought they might need to be copied, they look hard must look brillant in the fresh, Margaret

Tatfully Yours said...

Not a good sign if you cann`t read your own patterns!!! LOL I sometimes cann`t read my own hand writing. Makes thing tough when you are grocery shopping!

God's Kid said...

They look AWESOME! :)

TAT19540 said...

Boy do I relate to that 5th time thru Jon's book marker and I have made the same mistake again! Ugh. Your dangles look great! I hope life is a little less hectic for you. Big hug from across the pond.

Corina said...

Very cute!

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