29 November 2014

I became 102 yesterday

Aha, bet you thought the old git meant herself then, didn't you? Well I actually felt I was 102 yesterday as I had one of 'those' bad nights sleep the night before. 

No, what I'm talking about is the fact that I got number 102 sailing boat in to my inbox yesterday. Here is the link to the story about where it came from and who sent it.

This also gives me the opportunity to say that the introduction to Tat It And See 2015 will be available before the festive season gets underway. Mainly so you can be sure you've got all the equipment needed!!!

28 November 2014

Nothing exciting today!

Sadly all I have today is another snowflake.

I really ought to sort them out before I blog them (one of it's arms is wonky) but if I did that I'd lose them on the way to the scanner. Well there's another problem too as I'm always losing things UNDER the scanner too!!!

Do you ever do that? Scan something and then walk away and leave it there. Then a few days later there's a mad search of the entire house looking for the 'missing item'. Well I do and all too regularly.

Wonder if there's a cure? Are there any tablets you can take for it? Please let me know!

26 November 2014

Pointless technique?

So, having discovered that I could get out of my predicament I worked the second attempt again (no I won't give up!) up to the first SSR (hiding one colour in it).  Then I went to bed.

The next morning I sat down with my graphics pad on my lap and shuttles at the ready.  Of course you can guess the next part.  I'd forgotten overnight how I'd done it!!!

A few hours later and a lot of cussing to myself I'd managed to remember and draw it out.  I then did a technique page.  Not that I feel it would be a lot of use to many people but I know I'll certainly use it myself in future!!! So, I should probably call it my 'reminder' page.  

Well after running it past Georgia (won't tell you what she said!) I thought I'd better finish it properly and put it up on my technique pages 'just in case' there was another soul who may one day come across the same problem.

Here it is and here is the centre of the doily once more.

25 November 2014

Vive la difference!!!

Here's the answer to yesterday's question although lots of you spotted it - well done.

If you look at the first one closely from yesterday you'll see that where the A arrow is pointing I have a split ring that's wrong. This was simply because I was trying to climb out from the centre ring. It was latish in the evening and I carried on as obviously parts of me were - well half (or more) asleep!!!

Oh, this is the centre of this doily which I originally worked in one colour. Me, being me, had forgotten why I'd done it in one colour and just got out these two threads as I want to make it for my friend who has a birthday right after Christmas.

So, what did I do after I realised this boo boo? Did I carry on or throw it away?

24 November 2014

Can you tell?

Can you tell the difference between these two motifs? 

If you can't then I've wasted a lot of time drawing up a new technique!!!!  Well I think it's new and I think I'd rather call it a cheat than a technique. 

I'll wait for comments and then explain all tomorrow!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.