26 November 2014

Pointless technique?

So, having discovered that I could get out of my predicament I worked the second attempt again (no I won't give up!) up to the first SSR (hiding one colour in it).  Then I went to bed.

The next morning I sat down with my graphics pad on my lap and shuttles at the ready.  Of course you can guess the next part.  I'd forgotten overnight how I'd done it!!!

A few hours later and a lot of cussing to myself I'd managed to remember and draw it out.  I then did a technique page.  Not that I feel it would be a lot of use to many people but I know I'll certainly use it myself in future!!! So, I should probably call it my 'reminder' page.  

Well after running it past Georgia (won't tell you what she said!) I thought I'd better finish it properly and put it up on my technique pages 'just in case' there was another soul who may one day come across the same problem.

Here it is and here is the centre of the doily once more.


Ninetta said...

Thank you so much, all your 'just in case' are indispensable!

Michelle said...

Not pointless at all! I'm delighted to have this in my goodies box!

Kathy Niklewicz said...

So pretty! Although I know this motif is the center of a doily (I particularly like the two-color version), it easily stands alone as a motif or snowflake.

Every time I go to your Patterns and Techniques pages I think I'm in the land of Oz - a magical place full of wonders! I can't believe it's there - a fantastic Gift to Tatters! So many fabulous, creative designs and amazing techniques, all for our enjoyment and knowledge, instantaneously, at the click of a button! Of course, I'm also in awe of your computer skills, and I'm disappointed that I'm not proficient there. Wish I could attend your classes!!

Thanks again, Jane, for all you do for us!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful solution to the 'problem' of how to split a split ring. Now we'll ALL be able to climb out of 'split' split rings without messing up our colors or worse yet, having to cut and tie the threads. Thank you so much!

Tally Tatty said...

Genius Jane, there we go again! I won't be able to get this out of my head until my penny drops!

muskaan said...

Another superb tip/technique & tutorial ! Every little tip counts & helps to build up on ... And as I've always said & maintained, it was You & your TIAS 2014 that jump-started my modern tatting education. Forever grateful :-)

GraceT said...

Wow, that's a clever solution! Kudos to Brain Cell #3! :-)

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