26 August 2022

Sets of little flowers

This part of the Tatted Garland is going to take some time!!!  That should keep me busy!

These little flowers look straightforward but they aren’t!!  I doubt if you can see but the stitch count varies in some places and some rings have vsp’s (very small picots) and some don’t!!!  

This is the first of three ‘sets’ of flowers so I’ll be keeping each set together with a safety pin AND labelling them as I go.  If I don’t then I’ll get into a dreadful muddle!!!!

25 August 2022

Fandango on Jayne’s table

Here’s the table the mat was made for on Jayne’s table.  It looks pretty good to me - the table, I mean!!!

24 August 2022

Fandango finished

Well here it is - finished.  You’ll see I put another row on to balance the centre and I think it works.  

Now to give it to Jayne and hope she likes it.  

Now to get on with other projects and try and stop myself starting anything else!!!!

23 August 2022

Kay Lynn’s bookmark

This is a bookmark made from this pattern that Kay Lynn sent me.  She’s a regular in the TIAS and shows us her gorgeous dog - Aonghas.  

This is her message which came last week.

Finished my first bookmark.  Some little glitches with tension, but I'll improve on subsequent bookmarks.  I like the pattern, and think I like the back side better than the front.  ;-)  Thanks again for being generous with your designs and patterns as I so enjoy giving them as gifts (and credit your designs as yours when I do!).  Celtic designs are always ones I enjoy too as I love the intertwining threads. I've attached a couple photos of them for you to see.  It was also a good pattern for me to practice my lock chain ability.  Thankfully this past year's TIAS taught me that technique!

22 August 2022

Monday moan

I have been told the following over the space of two days when I was banned from a Facebook group to which I never belonged.  See the previous two Monday moans.

The moderator of the group contacted me on Thursday to ask if I was referring to her group in my last Monday moan and I told her I was.  

She says she believes I've been offended for not being allowed in (to the group), sour and hurt.  She’s told me I’m not the sort of person she wants to fraternise with, and that she’s not particularly fond of people who carry a superiority complex.  Also that I have an archaic attitude, but she’s seeing that amongst ‘you older tatters’ a lot.  

She said we (us oldies) want respect but don't give it.  Finally she said “I am done, you’re a rude piece of work who is used to getting her own way. You couldn't get in so chucked a tantrum.”

Isn’t it nice to know who your friends aren’t?  

Thankfully the conversation appears to be over after 24 hours of abuse and other nonsense.  All because I know a lot of tatters in that part of the world and wanted to join the same group as them.  No worries - I've joined another group in that country who welcomed me with open arms.  I'm a happy bunny!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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