30 May 2019


Round 9 of Juliana was a bit of a nightmare. 

My apologies to the nun who designed this but I have modified round 9 a bit to avoid too many ends to sew in. If I could contact her I'd tell her how allergic the 21st century tatter is to sewing in ends!!! 

I think by using a lot of experience and a good deal of cussing I've managed to 'lighten' the density in the scallops of this round. I've also introduced a lock chain in order to make it less dense and also to get straighter 'stalks' to the flowers that form the scallops.  They look a bit dire at the moment as they really need a date with the iron!!  
Anyway, here's a picture. You'll see on this picture that I've made a tentative start to round 10 which looks really, really easy. Just hope I'm right!!!  More next week!!!!  

I’m really looking forward to doing something different now!

28 May 2019

Doggy bags

I managed to get hold of a limited quantity of this dog print fabric. I realised at the time that it would be no good for my usual small craft bags so set about making some shopping/tote or craft bags.  I had enough to make seven although I’ve only shown two people I’ve only got five left!!! If you want one then do make a comment.  I will be bringing any I’ve got left to Palmetto Tat Days.

They are all fully lined and washable too so no excuse for having a dirty dog!!!! 

I wondered where the expression 'doggy bag' came from and spent a while browsing the internet. I thought it was an English expression but it's one we've adopted from the America. Quite a while ago too. Here's one of the links I found.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.