26 July 2014

More pictures of geckos!!

I am still pondering this task. I am still not sure if it needs more flowers on or not.

These decisions take time as I need to be sure before I completely finish the thing. There's also the 'getting bored with it' factor which stops progress too!!!!

24 July 2014

What to do with geckos.

A trip around my geckos - part one!!!!

The gecko 'session' seems to be over for now!!! I finally decided to rescue them from 'the box' and make them into a hanging. 

As they're all different colours I wanted something very 'anonymous' for the background. I remembered that years and years ago I'd bought some hessian type fabric from Ikea and so found that in my stash. 

I started placing the geckos on that but it sort of 'killed' them dead. Then I remembered some gold diamond shaped netting that I'd bought for something else and which I'd not then used so got that out too. 

The shape of the hanging was easy to decide. Long and narrow. I decided to cut out a random shape to represent (sort of) a tree trunk for the geckos to run up and down. You can see some of them on these three pictures. All had to be stitched down (decided against glue or iron on web stuff) and that took hours and hours!!!

23 July 2014


Now for the story behind this windmill.  It's one of the patterns I submitted to Tat Days for their consideration. It wasn't accepted which is fine as I can give it to y'all (practicing for my trip with the local dialect) now. 

This little windmill is quite an easy tat and worked in just two parts. This reminds me of Dutch Delftware done in blue!!!! There you are, Riet. A pattern for you right there in The Netherlands.

Oh, I guess I'd better give you the link, eh? Well, here it is!!!!

22 July 2014

Windmill 1

This is a design I've had lurking on my computer for months. There's a little story behind it but you'll have to read the next post to find out what that is!!!! 

The pattern is ready but I'm going to tease you for another day or two!!!!!
I love windmills.

There's a very old one near to us which I've been meaning to visit for years.  Here's the link to Chesterton Windmill.

21 July 2014

Two more pages

After a hectic week last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I managed to update Gina's site over the weekend with two more of her patterns sent in by other tattters. Thanks to you all - you know who you are.  Here are the narcissus and  shamrocks which are now available here.

On Friday I had the great fortune to meet up with Kristen and Chris (her husband) who were passing through the town. What a lovely pair - pity I didn't take their photos but I do have her blog link to show you and I suggest you read it as it's a very interesting blog. It's called 'Tatting All Over The Place' which she seems to be achieving at a rapid rate!!!

It was a wonderful three days that I had last week and now this week it's back down to earth with a BUMP!!!!

Owch - mind the ancient head!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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