4 August 2012

Is this a car crash?

This really does look like a car crash to me - pretty colours but a car crash!  Actually, no - it's a shuttle crash.

Now I'm going to ask you a question.  What am I doing here?  Doesn't it look a mess?  Well actually I'm hoping it does turn out to be better than it looks in the end.  If not then I'll have wasted a lot of time!!
Answers on a postage stamp please - sent to the OG.

3 August 2012

Ros's bracelet

My friend Ros and I 'do' the charity shops on a Monday.  Not every Monday but most of them!!!
I was showing her the new bracelet last Monday and she liked it a lot.  So I got her to choose the colours she wanted so I could make her one.  Here it is.  I was being a bit sneaky as I really wanted to make another as I do enjoy the process of making the SSSR's!!

The pattern is now ready and can be found here. Believe me there were so many combinations that can be made with this idea that it was a hard time trying to keep brain cell 3 to one 'theme'.  

If you like this idea then please go and re-visit this page as the lanyard is done in much the same way.  It's just really a matter of getting the hang of the technique and then just 'doing your own thing'.

1 August 2012

I love khaki

Yes, I know I'm using precious thread here but I do love this khaki as I've mentioned before!!!  This is the same bracelet (still checking the pattern!) but worked with black this time.

I intend to 'hide' the remains of the ball from myself for a while until I need a treat again!!

31 July 2012

Posh once more!

Well I've finally got a pair of earrings to wear with my posh outfit - here!  Took me a while to decide what to do (or not do) and I finally came up with the ones you can see below.

Now these are basically this pattern.  I did add another motif to hang below because - well, because it seemed like a good idea!!!  Plenty of Singaporian sparkly beads were used and this pair are really blingy.

I found it really difficult to get a good picture of these as they sparkle so much and (you can see in the bottom picture) the sun was out.  We're not used to that object in the sky so it threw me a bit!!

30 July 2012

Another bracelet

Remember this bracelet?  Well it still exists but it will get an attack of the scissors - when I find it again!  I know I'm hopeless so there's no reason to agree with me!!!
This is what I made instead!  I did it the same way (almost) but I think it looks a lot better.

Must tell you about the colours.  The pink is - well, just bright pink (a Flora, I think) but the other colour, which I can only describe as khaki, is wonderful.  One of my all time favourites.

I've got very little of it left now as I've always had a 'thing' about this thread.  It's a Manuela thread which has now so sadly gone out of production.  It works really well with a bright colour.  What do you think - does it 'do it for you'?

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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