11 October 2014

As threatened!

I've been telling you from time to time that I'm going to work further on one of the Crazy Mom Tats motifs so here are two that I did while I was testing and re-testing this pattern.  Sheeeesh, just noticed that I squidged the blue one slightly when I put it on the scanner - the lock chain down near the bottom on the right.

I'm really, really fussy about my work and have to be sure that the whole thing is done to the best of my ability. Now my ability is not always awake and working with my three brain cells (aka BC3) so often there are small mistakes. 

I should get this little motif (it's got a whacky sort of name too) up on my site very soon (hopefully over the weekend) although I have become side-tracked by an off shoot of this which will become my Christmas giveaway for all those people that I send a 'round robin' letter to at that time of the year.  

9 October 2014

The last one!!

This is the last of the eight motifs.  Well it's the last that I did for Crazy Mom Tats. 

From these I have now developed a new motif (pattern ready shortly) and what I think is a pretty good snowflake. 

As usual it's getting the pages sorted that's holding things up - that and other distractions that find their way into Tat Corner!!!!

8 October 2014

Yet another!

Yes another of 'those' motifs.  BUT I can assure you that I am making progress on making one of them into a 'proper' pattern - or two.  

Now I bet you'll recognise where this one came from!! It's the centre of the Catherine Wheel motif which you can find here.

This part of the Catherine Wheel always appears to me to be cheeky!!!!  Always looks as if it's on the way to somewhere but with no idea where!!!  A rolling stone.

Sort of reminds me of my journey through life - on a journey but with no fixed place in mind!!!  

7 October 2014

Another technique

It was Saturday afternoon (I think) and I was sitting in Tat Corner knitting when a notification from Facebook with a question popped into my inbox. It was Corina who was asking about the daisy picot technique.

I thought I might be able to help her but got intrigued with what I THINK she was trying to understand. Well, after a while temptation got into me and I grabbed a couple of shuttles.

Now as y'all know with the daisy picot technique there is always a small amount of the 'petal's' thread carried over the top of the central doubles. It occurred to me that this COULD be avoided if you held the two shuttles together while making this part of the technique.

Sooooooo, this is what came about (see picture below).

Being the owner of a silly sense of humour I've called it the 'Dandelion Picot Technique'. I know it doesn't 'look' like a dandelion but as dandelions live with the daisies in my lawn and the two techniques are sort of similar I thought it was a good idea - at the time.  I can easily change that if anybody knows of a former name for this. I ran it past my favourite tatting guru (Georgia Seitz) and she said she'd not seen it before. It MAY well be new. Anyway I can see lots of possibilities for this and will be looking again at this little butterfly to see if it makes for a bigger body and a less 'cluttered' look.

6 October 2014

New technique

Today I'd like to tell you a bit about a 'sort of' new technique but first of all I want to thank everybody for their birthday wishes.  To say I was overwhelmed is a total understatement.  I was, in fact, gobsmacked.  Thank you everybody everywhere.

Now I was talking to Sharren Morgan at the Palmetto Tatter's guild meeting a week after Tat Days and she showed me the Half Double Double stitch which I think is STUPENDOUS. Why didn't BC3 think of that?!? 

As Sharren is such a generous person she's allowed me to share this with you. Here's the link.

Now, you may think this isn't an earth shattering change but, personally, I think it does outweigh Rhoda Auld's (1976) original idea of the Double Double Stitch  (also known as the Balanced Double Stitch) as this variation uses a lot less thread and is easier to do - specially, as Sharren points out on the page that  I've done, - you can use whichever half you want to do as the half double double.  'Choose your own method'!!!

Anyway, here's a 'taster' from the technique page.  Please do visit the link and try it out.  I LOVE it.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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