6 October 2014

New technique

Today I'd like to tell you a bit about a 'sort of' new technique but first of all I want to thank everybody for their birthday wishes.  To say I was overwhelmed is a total understatement.  I was, in fact, gobsmacked.  Thank you everybody everywhere.

Now I was talking to Sharren Morgan at the Palmetto Tatter's guild meeting a week after Tat Days and she showed me the Half Double Double stitch which I think is STUPENDOUS. Why didn't BC3 think of that?!? 

As Sharren is such a generous person she's allowed me to share this with you. Here's the link.

Now, you may think this isn't an earth shattering change but, personally, I think it does outweigh Rhoda Auld's (1976) original idea of the Double Double Stitch  (also known as the Balanced Double Stitch) as this variation uses a lot less thread and is easier to do - specially, as Sharren points out on the page that  I've done, - you can use whichever half you want to do as the half double double.  'Choose your own method'!!!

Anyway, here's a 'taster' from the technique page.  Please do visit the link and try it out.  I LOVE it.


Mouse^^^ said...

awesome I need to try this!!! and pass on to my daughter. She's been asking for more challenging patterns.

Crazy Mom! said...

Very clever - Sharren is a smart, smart lady! (and nice too...)

Tally Tatty said...

I just managed the double double stitch, and now you come up with something new, which is worst than learning chinese. It is not fair! Bad BC3!

Imoshen said...

Food for thought...lol
By the way, Happy Be-lated Birthday! I wasn't online yesterday and I missed the party.

muskaan said...

Thank you for creating & sharing this tutorial, Jane :-)
Not sure when... , but here's wishing you a B"Elated" birthday :-)) Let the partying continue !

GraceT said...

Thanks! It does look like a good tool for the toolbox for controlling chain curvature.

lej619 said...

when would one use this ??

Jane Eborall said...

lej619 - any time you need a straight chain. It could be used to make tails for a bookmark. Anywhere that a double double stitch is stated could be replaced with a half double double.

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