7 October 2014

Another technique

It was Saturday afternoon (I think) and I was sitting in Tat Corner knitting when a notification from Facebook with a question popped into my inbox. It was Corina who was asking about the daisy picot technique.

I thought I might be able to help her but got intrigued with what I THINK she was trying to understand. Well, after a while temptation got into me and I grabbed a couple of shuttles.

Now as y'all know with the daisy picot technique there is always a small amount of the 'petal's' thread carried over the top of the central doubles. It occurred to me that this COULD be avoided if you held the two shuttles together while making this part of the technique.

Sooooooo, this is what came about (see picture below).

Being the owner of a silly sense of humour I've called it the 'Dandelion Picot Technique'. I know it doesn't 'look' like a dandelion but as dandelions live with the daisies in my lawn and the two techniques are sort of similar I thought it was a good idea - at the time.  I can easily change that if anybody knows of a former name for this. I ran it past my favourite tatting guru (Georgia Seitz) and she said she'd not seen it before. It MAY well be new. Anyway I can see lots of possibilities for this and will be looking again at this little butterfly to see if it makes for a bigger body and a less 'cluttered' look.


Pigmini said...

I'm going to HAVE to see the blue dandelions in your garden Miss!!!! LOL

Another technique for me to try out!!!! Excellent!!

Ladytats said...

one thing about this, you can put the daisy picots more than 2ds apart without the thread showing.

Tally Tatty said...

Happy Birthday, Jane! I remember it was in October, but not the date.
Wow, Jane, you are in a very creative mood!! You have been 'touched' and inspired by your American friends! This Dandy-Lion, off course should have a stem in a double double stitch or double half half stitch, oops

StringyDogs said...

I think BC3 has co-opted several million of its closest friends. Fantastic, Jane. Just fantastic.

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Happy Beaks
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