26 January 2024

Teddy bear

I got bored with myself and the long haul on the jumper so decided to make this little chap.  Here’s a link to him 

I was going to give him away but I haven’t been able to part with him - yet!!!  I will one day but meanwhile he’s sitting looking at me!!!  

25 January 2024

A shawl scarf

This is made out of one ball of Hobbycraft yarn that I ‘bought’ with one of their free vouchers.  This is the pattern I used.

Because the yarn was free I will be donating this to a charity of some sort.  I love it but I don’t need it and somebody else might.  Simple pattern.which was trebles (English crochet terms) and little else.  I did add a shell edging and a couple of rows of doubles on the neck edge too but those came ‘out of my head’. 

I’ve been working on this at my crafty social groups as it’s a ‘no brainier’ and as I’ve only got 3 brain cells (BC3) it works well for me.  I’ve got another ball of ‘free’ yarn so will be making another ‘something or other’ to give away too.  I need simple things to work on when I’m gossiping or I have to undo and redo the same thing each time I get home!!!!  

24 January 2024

A sleeve!

Now the first sleeve is finished I can admit to you that it gave me some grief!!  
Well, not the sleeve exactly but the shoulder I’d joined it to just didn’t ‘sit’ right.  My lovely pals at Friday Knitting advised that I should redo the shoulder.  YIKES.

This meant not only ripping out the sleeve I’d started (I’d done the short rows to get the sleeve ‘cap’ done) but also meant un-sewing the shoulder seam which had been done top down.  Think about it!!  That’s a NIGHTMARE.  I took many many hours sorting both shoulders out before starting the sleeve again.  

As you can see I still have another sleeve to do!!!

23 January 2024

I’ve been round the Wrekin!!!

Bet you’re wondering what that means!!!  Well it’s a saying here in the UK and this is a link to an interesting story.   If you say to somebody ‘I went round the Wrekin to get here’ it means you took the long way round!!  I always think a heel is a long way round and feel I’ve been all the way round the Wrekin to get to the straight ‘bit’.  Lesson of the day finished!!!

22 January 2024

A bracelet and earrings

Last Friday I was browsing the charity shops in Alcester when I noticed this little bracelet and earring set.  It looked sort of familiar.  When I looked closely I realised the person who’d made it had used my pattern .  They’d done a truly beautiful job on it too.  I took photographs and decided to contact the seller.  Thankfully they’d got a website.  

I had a lovely message back from Sally who said she hadn’t made it and couldn’t tat!!!  This is what she said 

However, I don't do tatting and never have done. My husband and I only do fused and stained glass as you have seen on the web site.
How our label got attached to something else I have no idea. Although the labels usually peel off they do stick quite fast to the glass.
I can only assume that someone thought it may sell better with a label attached.
Many many years ago (about 50+) I did make a macrame plant hanger and i used to do a lot of crocheting but have not done either for many years.
Carry on with the good work and happy crafting.”

So if anybody knows who DID make this bracelet I would love them to pass on the message that I’m very flattered they used my pattern and that they did an amazing job on it too.  

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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