21 May 2016

Another round added

Here's round two finished. I do wish I could kick this addiction to making Fandango doilies!!!! It's really, really NOT me making doilies as I'd never ever use them!

20 May 2016

Done and dusted

BUT I now want to make more!!! Is this another obsession I feel coming over me? Yes, I think it is!

So, back to the paper and printing more templates and the sewing machine stays on the table in the conservatory.

19 May 2016

Oh dear

OR - not so 'oh dear'!!!!

I had an accident a few days ago. A stupid silly accident and one which could've been avoided IF BC3 had remembered from one minute to another.

Winter (which was a 'non event') here in England was mild but when we got to Spring it got darn cold so my winter coat was never quite 'not needed' until a week or so ago. So it was time for the coat to pay a visit to the washing machine.

First task - empty the pockets!!! How MANY handkerchiefs does one old git REALLY need when out and about? Till receipts, small purse with small change in and assorted other odds and ends all got removed. Great. Into the machine, washed and on the line in the garden soon after. 

BUT - guess who forgot to take off the bauble tatted brooch. Yes, you've guessed. BC3 and ME!!!

Didn't it wash up well and the baubles have kept their shape too. I wonder if part of the reason they've done so well is because I sprayed them with Scotchgard when I first made them?  That keeps them clean and I suppose that may have kept the water from soaking in too much too.  Don't you just LOVE tatting?

18 May 2016

Another thought!!!

Looking at the three motifs I showed you last time - I wondered what they would look like when put together. 

These were plonked (beg your pardon, placed) on the scanner to try it out.  I'll make another seven motifs and work them together - will show you when I've done that.

Meantime I managed to get the garden sorted yesterday as rain is forecast today. Lots of herbs sorted and new ones planted. Moved pots here, there and everywhere - bring on the Summer!!!

17 May 2016

Round 1 done!!

Even though I'm working hard on the square Fandango doily I still have time to play with the third rectangular one that I'm making.  I duck and dive between them both - oh, and another project too.

I'm going to get that little hexagonal motif up on my site as soon as I can but the weather has been sunny and the garden needs my attention!!!  I'm not a keen gardener but I do like to control the weeds as much as I can!!!  

In the picture you'll see I'm trying another variegated thread for the second round but really I don't like the sample so it'll be back to diving into the tatting cupboard to find another colour that will work.

16 May 2016

Getting grumpy about Etsy

It's a smallish grump but it's causing me to consider leaving Etsy altogether. 

In fact I'm actually going to leave when the bags and tatting I've got in there finish their 'time'. I'm going to move over to Folksy and will give you the links/details when I move. Oh, that will be when I get another supply of shuttles from 'im in the garage which I hope will be within a month or so.

The reason? I cannot abide being forced to view everything as it's now set up in the gallery view.  I LOVED 'list' view and I can't find any way to change it when visiting shops.  The latest way of viewing items (see below) is just tooooo big and horrid on my laptop or iPad.  Actually it's too cumbersome anyway.  I loved being able to view things in a list.  I could go to a site, click on 'list view' and get a (what I'd call) a resume of what was in that particular shop.  Now I'm forced to see it in a way that I'm just not comfortable with.  So, I'm not going to view other shops either as it annoys me.  
Does anybody else feel like this?  
Sorry folks.  Grumble over.  

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.