4 September 2010

The last of this 'session'

These may be the last of this session of bag making!!!!  They've been steadily selling out of the shop which is very pleasing as it keeps me occupied and away from the dreaded 'H' word.  What word is that?  Corse, you all know it stands for housework!!!!

I made another of the autumnal leaves set and the shuttle set too as they sold very quickly.  Yesterday I also added these two.  A very pretty floral print and some magnificent butterflies.

Who was that who asked 'where are they, then'?  Here they are!!!

The sewing machine is still out and I may have the 'urge' to sew again if H gets too boring!!  I sew in the summer in the conservatory but in the winter it can get too cold out there!!!

3 September 2010

More of the same BUT different!

I had a quick visit from brain cell number 3 yesterday and here's the result.  Now I'm wondering if this is better or not?  

The difference?  Instead of beads on each of the inner rings I've added one large one to the centre.  All I did was add it to the first ring held in place with a safety pin and then joined it later to ring 4 whilst removing the pin.  

No, sorry, that's a lie!!!!  With the blue one on the right I actually had a lovely sparkly 'thingy' which wasn't big enough so I added small seed beads before and after it!!!

No glue was used in this trick!!!!  

2 September 2010

More of the same

Two more of these little snowflakes.  I'm working and nearing the end of the pattern so it should get onto my site sooooon.

I really need to move on from these but I see no signs in the near future!!!!

I sold one of the autumnal bags yesterday and will be making another to replace it today - with a bit of luck and a fair wind!!!!!

1 September 2010

More bags

Hopefully by now these will be in my Etsy shop!!!  Well, keep your fingers crossed!!!

I found the blue butterfly fabric in my stash (that's the one at the bottom) - I think I hid it for myself but since Carolyn's parcel arrived and since I made the animal set from Elizabeth's fabric I don't think I dare keep anymore for myself!!!!  

The autumnal one is drop dead gorgeous with a sparkly gold feature in the fabric.  Yummy.

The blue is fabulous with a silver sparkle to it.  So, tat's all for today but keep watching!!!!

31 August 2010

A post for Sue Anna!

I'm playing with the new Lizbeth thread that Sue Anna sent me the other day and I'm now beginning to like this little snowflake.  She mentioned that she'd like to see what I did with the thread.  Now I'm really, really pleased with this design as it does 'show off' the variegated threads SO well.  

Guess what?  No, you'll NEVER guess as it's TOTALLY out of character.   Nobody guessed?  Told you you wouldn't guess.

Well I'll tell you.  This snowflake has got a NAME!!!  One that I invented ALL ON MY OWN!!!!  

Want to know what it is?  Well, it's called the 'Flurry Snowflake'.  

30 August 2010

Today's the day!!!!

Well, today is the day I will be listing some more of the Pop a Bobbin shuttles.
There will be 1 teak, 2 cherry, 2 walnut, 3 rosewood and 2 yew.

Here's a 'taster'!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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