3 September 2010

More of the same BUT different!

I had a quick visit from brain cell number 3 yesterday and here's the result.  Now I'm wondering if this is better or not?  

The difference?  Instead of beads on each of the inner rings I've added one large one to the centre.  All I did was add it to the first ring held in place with a safety pin and then joined it later to ring 4 whilst removing the pin.  

No, sorry, that's a lie!!!!  With the blue one on the right I actually had a lovely sparkly 'thingy' which wasn't big enough so I added small seed beads before and after it!!!

No glue was used in this trick!!!!  


Fox said...

Jane, I LOVE that yellow one with the red in the centre; it is very appealing.

ALso, the idea about holding the bead with a pin? Finally this clicked in my pitifully slow brain! Thanks! I can sure use that one.
Fox : )

God's Kid said...

They look great! :)

Miranda said...

I like both versions!

Cyn said...

Your tatting is beautiful! Also, thank you for your help and post you made on my blog... I found the info very helpful indeed!
Thanks again,
Cyn; -)

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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