17 March 2012

Ewe and Lamb

Back to the Palmetto patterns and today I've got another animal to show you.  NOT smelly at all - well, not as bad as a skunk!!
Spring in the air and armed with a dose of mint sauce I present a Ewe and her lamb!!!

16 March 2012

A bit of a change

I'll get back to showing you the Palmetto patterns I've submitted tomorrow but today I wanted just to say that I'm darn FED UP with my Etsy shop becoming stagnant.

I know that in situations like this people run sales and gift thingies and stuff like that.  Well, not me.  I can't be bothered!!  So instead I've reduced prices on the bookmarks and have added some pendants.  I need a fresh start in there.  Call it a Spring clean if you like - much more interesting than doing a house Spring clean, eh?

As it's getting warmer (well some days) and I'm thinking of making some more roly poly tat bags  and poke proof pouches - do you think that's a good idea?  Below is a reminder of what they are for those who haven't seen them before.  Do people who have had them before think the removable strap is a good idea or should I make them 'integrated' in the design.  I only ask because I've never taken my strap off - in fact I don't think I've ever used it!!!

Any and all help would be very gratefully received - even if it is simply 'you're a daft old bat'!!!

15 March 2012

Ribbons galore

OK, now here's another of the patterns I've submitted for Palmetto.  

This came vaguely from the Christmas tree idea that I did earlier this year and which would also be included in the lesson.

I decided to try my hand at a ribbon for a tree decoration and that's what the top picture is.  BUT then with brain cell 3 working overtime I decided to make a smaller version as an awareness ribbon and even smaller ones as earrings!!!

This lesson would be 'pitched' at relatively new tatters.

14 March 2012

I've done it!!!!

I've done it - submitted my ideas.  So, this week I'm going to show you what I have sent to the Palmetto Tatters as lesson plans.
Today I'm showing you the skunk I'm offering.  I know a skunk isn't everybody's favourite animal but this one is quite cute (well I think that's not quite true - he's very cute)!!  His name is Smelly.  I'm not 'showing' him as a large picture for one simple reason - so that he can't be copied!!!

I'm not being mean but I am finding more and more that people are 'copying' from pictures and really that's 'not on'.  'Not cricket, old chap, not cricket'.  As the English would say!!!

Not claiming copyright as such but it's only one step away, isn't it?  It's not happened to me, I don't think but I've seen it in other places.  Anyway, as these are for Tat Days I think it's fair too.   I suppose this could be called a 'teaser'!!!

This came about last November when I was just starting in on the TIAS and a lady emailed me and asked me to do a skunk!!!!!  So you'll have to say a big thank you to Shirley for that!!!!

13 March 2012

More about pendants

Now as I said yesterday I'm addicted to making these!!!  Here are a collection of ones which I really ought to give away or sell on Etsy.  

Do you know what?  I think I might try and find time to list them this week - at a nominal price just to cover costs so that hopefully they'll go to good homes and fast!!!
I'll never be a business woman - I haven't got the 'je ne sais quoi' to do it!!!!  Here are the ones I'm talking about.

Can you see there are two colours of chains?  I'm wondering if I should give a choice or just 'wing it'?  Any ideas?

12 March 2012

A small confesion!

Just a small one which will prove something to you.  Not quite sure what but it may throw some light on my personality!!!  

I love making pendants.  No, that's not the confession - well, just part of it.  

I make them by tatting onto a small split ring finding and then add another (which then, of course) lies at right angles.  Now I make sure that this second one is large enough to put the clasps on one of my favorite necklaces through.

This is a lovely gold necklace that I've had for many years.  So, my big confession is that I have many pendants with just one chain!!!!
Here's the necklace with one of my (so far) favourite pendants on it!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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