4 June 2011

Now for something new?

Well, not really!!!  Not really, really new but new to me.

Having got all those earrings made I then decided I 'needed' new bracelets to go with them!!!!  So off I went again.

First of all I had to 'work out' how much thread I'd need to make one.  I used an earring and measured that and started.  Now maths ain't my forte.  In fact I HATE it and to do that working out is a REAL BIG effort.  Well, I did it.  Here are two bracelets 'a la Winsome Drop' mode!!!!

As you've probably gathered - I DOOO love pink.  I've got a bright pink tshirt but I went and bought another yesterday - 'just in case'!!!!

3 June 2011

Last lot of earwigs!!!!

Here we go with the last two pairs!!

The top pair are like the last ones but with a couple of Swarovski crystals at the bottom.  Sally gave me several packets of these beads last year and I've been keeping them for something special.

Now, below this pair is another using some lovely beads that Teri Dusenbury sent me a year or two ago.  Where DO the years go?  I've been waiting for an opportunity to show these off to their best advantage and I think the earrings are the very best place for these.

Just because - here they are all in one place!!!  Don't those colours zing?

2 June 2011

So, while I'm on a roll!!!

Don't go away - I know it's more of the same but things will change round here towards the end of the week.  I promise!!!

Here are more pairs I've made.  I change earrings like other people change their underwear!!!!  I can't go out of the house without a pair of earrings on or I feel drop dead naked!!!

Again I've used the metal heart beads on the pink version but I found these red 'teardrop' beads in my stash which must've been living in the tatting cupboard for donkey's years. 

Two more pairs tomorrow - I think!!!!

1 June 2011

More earrings talk

So, over the years I've tried many, many things and the only earrings I really like are the Winsome Drop ones which I did a year or two ago.

For me, personally, they have everything I need in an earwig!!!  They're lacy enough with the tatting and they hang beautifully with the beads.  Also they give countless opportunities to play with all sorts of beads and I now have them to match most of my 'outfits' (by that I mean umpteen tshirts and scruffy jeans!!!).

Here are two naked (before the wires were added) pairs I made with the shell beads!!

Can you see the tiny hearts with beads in the centre on the blue pair?  Those are the same as the ones I used in the dead bracelet (the ones from Kelly).  So easy to add a bead to the centre.

The orange pair have a small crystal at the bottom.

31 May 2011

Making earwigs

So after the dismal failure of the bracelet (see the photo at the bottom for my reasons!) I decided to play again.   

Over the years I've made hundreds (and I DOOO mean hundreds) of pairs of earrings for myself and a few for selling too.  I'm going to share some of the things I've learnt about these.

First of all DON'T make them too 'lacy'.  Too lacy tends to bend and go out of shape.  Well, mine do in spite of being stiffened.  Where am I going wrong if other people's don't?

Secondly - load the earrings with beads for better 'hangability' and less (bendability!).  A bit of weight really does help.

Thirdly - be aware of how the earrings hang in relation do the head.  Either like this - facing front.
Or like this - facing sideways.
Having decided that then the method that you use to attach the findings will need to be resolved so they hang whichever way you prefer!!!

OK, lecture over for the day!!!!!!  Do you want more tomorrow?

30 May 2011

I announce a death

Well, not quite yet but soon to happen.  Sadly this is going to go under the scissors.

Yes it did look pretty. 

Yes it is a wonderful idea.

BUT it started to look 'scruffy' after being worn for a week so it's GOT to go.  I cannot be 'doing' with things that aren't right and this just isn't going to be right.  I'll take a photo of it looking scruffy later and show you tomorrow.

Obviously the tiny hearts and shell beads will be re-cycled and probably the seed beads too - IF I can catch the little stinkers!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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