30 May 2011

I announce a death

Well, not quite yet but soon to happen.  Sadly this is going to go under the scissors.

Yes it did look pretty. 

Yes it is a wonderful idea.

BUT it started to look 'scruffy' after being worn for a week so it's GOT to go.  I cannot be 'doing' with things that aren't right and this just isn't going to be right.  I'll take a photo of it looking scruffy later and show you tomorrow.

Obviously the tiny hearts and shell beads will be re-cycled and probably the seed beads too - IF I can catch the little stinkers!!!


  1. Scissors. It's a terrible fate.

    But sometimes. the kindest thing to do.


  2. I'm sorry it didn't last- It was very nice!

  3. R.I.P. Little Innocent Bracelet. Sadly, scruffiness will not be tolerated. Adieu.
    Fox : (

  4. oh, too bad Jane, sorry to hear it. but knowing you, it will enjoy resurrection as better then before.

  5. With each ending there is a new beginning. RIP little bracelet.

  6. So sad for your loss, Jane. While it is a terrible fate "to go under the scissors," your fledgling had a loving home and the best upbringing imaginable. Big Love is all any of us can ask for.


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