2 June 2011

So, while I'm on a roll!!!

Don't go away - I know it's more of the same but things will change round here towards the end of the week.  I promise!!!

Here are more pairs I've made.  I change earrings like other people change their underwear!!!!  I can't go out of the house without a pair of earrings on or I feel drop dead naked!!!

Again I've used the metal heart beads on the pink version but I found these red 'teardrop' beads in my stash which must've been living in the tatting cupboard for donkey's years. 

Two more pairs tomorrow - I think!!!!


  1. Gorgeous pairs of earrings, I love the rich colours, its funny how we women dont feel dressed without either earrings or apiece of jewerlley

  2. The pictures of all your beautiful earrings are making me very envious! Oh, how I wish I could wear earrings. Think of the fun I could have! Oh, well... at least I can admire yours!

  3. You are funny Jane. Of course you NEED earrings to be completely dressed! lol!
    I love your colors and a women just can't have enough jewelry !

  4. Anonymous10:54 pm

    You are on a roll.. Looking good...


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