7 October 2017

Then on to

The serious side of the trip!!! Well, with tatters around things can never be 'that' serious!! 

First of all I was taken to Len's Mill which was really close to the hotel where the Fringe was taking place. It was like walking into an Alladin's cave! Quite literally when you went down the stairs!  Here we found the fabric you can see below. Of course I had to buy some!!! We also met other tatters who were on their way to the hotel too - a happy, happy meet up before the event. 

I also found some Miyuki beads which were a very good price.

So after that bit of excitement we (that's Kelly, Vicky and I) headed towards the venue - the Best Western where Tat Days moved into 'setting up' mode. The organisers just swing into the place and it all goes like a smoothly working machine. I'm always amazed at how these things 'just happen' although I do know that there's about 12 months planning that's gone on before.

My first class was the heart which you can see here. I'll upload the pattern within the next week or so. That took care of the afternoon!!! Onto the evening next time I blog!!!

6 October 2017

Did you miss me?

Well I've been on my travels again. This year the group to suffer were the Fringe Element in Canada. Well, they did ask me to come back and they should've known better!!!!!

The first few days I stayed with dear Kelly and ACTUALLY got her to try using a shuttle. I'm not going to say this too loud in case she hears me but I must say that I'm sure she'd make an excellent shuttle tatter.  The first photo shows her making out that I'm bullying her but it was her idea to have a go!!!

The second picture is a truly great hanging that she made.  The photo doesn't do it justice.

The last picture is the fire that her hubby (Dennis) set up in the yard one evening.  Very relaxing sitting round a fire pit in the warm (or that should be - hot) weather we had for the whole two weeks I was over in Canada.  In fact we saw rain for a very short time one morning and the temperatures were - well, HOT!

5 October 2017


Because I'm a twit this post didn't go out as it should've.  I was a twit because while I was away I updated my iPad to IOS11 and didn't find out til afterwards that the blog app I use on it didn't work as the developer hasn't updated that.  So, here is a two week old post!!

Now this maybe a long post but I'm sure you'll find it really interesting - just like I did.

Some time ago Liz, who lives in Australia got in touch with me regarding making my seahorses (big and medium sized). This was for an exhibition in Exmouth she was involved with over in Australia. 

Now Liz lives on the opposite side of the country from where this is actually taking place so she will never see the 'real deal' which is a shame. I'm attaching some photos she sent me of the final project but I really, really feel you should follow this link to a time-lapse video which the group in Exmouth did. Here's a link to their Facebook page too and also It's mind blowing and the results are amazing. Another link for you too.

Look out for the whales - they're incredible.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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