11 September 2010

Back to the Flurry Snowflake

I was thinking t'other day.  I was thinking (yet again) about the question I often ask myself -  'why do I design' patterns?  My answer is - because I have a 'good idea' and want to make the 'good idea'.  Another factor, believe it or not, is laziness.  I started 'doing my own thing' because I was too lazy to get up out of my chair to go and find a pattern to work from.  Also the patterns I had were 'never quite right'!!!!

Another thought then occurs - why do I share these (well to me) 'good ideas'.  The answer is - if I didn't then what would I do with them.  Some people probably want to be 'famous'.  YIKES - that's not for me.  Some people want to make money.  I'd rather have friends. 

The biggest worry when I've finished with a pattern and put it on the web site is that people will be able to understand it.  

Oh, hang on a minute, I need to change that remark.  That's not the biggest worry - it's the second biggest worry!!  The main concern is will anybody want to work the pattern anyway!  It's therefore a great relief when somebody writes to say they've made it - and even better when they send a picture of it like Katie did.  Here's her Flurry Snowflake which arrived the day after the pattern went 'live'.

10 September 2010

Boy, oh boy

I had this fantastic card from the people who went to Palmetto tat days.  
I really appreciate this as I was very down during tat days knowing all the fun I was missing.  Also every time I go there I make new friends and learn new 'tricks'.  

Here's the front of the card for you to see followed by the rest.  Seems my presence really was required there if only to find and eat the ice cream!!!!

Thank you all who signed this - means a lot to both myself and brain cell # 3 who didn't have a very good day yesterday.  I think he lost one of his marbles for a while!!!

9 September 2010


I forgot to show and tell you that the Flurry Snowflake can be added to a ring - a 3" ring!!!

I'd sort of planned on this and was surprised to find that brain cell 3 got it right 'almost' first time.  I think these will be the Christmas giveaway so I'll have to make more - sooooooon.

Meantime I've orders for more bags so that'll keep me busy during the daylight hours - well hopefully!!!!

8 September 2010

Two patterns

Guess what I found the other day?  A pattern that doesn't appear to have found it's way onto my site!!!  I wonder how many more there are lurking on this computer!!!

Anyway it's a fan that I did for Palmetto Tat Days back in 2005.  Here's the picture and here's the link!!!

This has also got me motivated to finish off the Flurry Snowflake too so that's here.  I'm adding two more pictures below the fan too!!!

7 September 2010

Autumn is here

This is what I was doing last night!  I used a variegated number 20 thread by Yarnplayer and put a very thin gold slub with it.  It's worked out even better than the picture shows.

Autumn is almost here although the leaves aren't turning yet.  The temperatures are feeling a lot more as if we're heading for Mop weather.  The weather on Mop day is nearly always cold and foggy!!!  Locally when the weather gets like that we refer to it as 'Mop weather'.

So this is what I made last night for a friend in the USA.  The pattern will be on the Palmetto CD as they were used for the logo this year.  I was delighted that my submission won the competition for the logo.  Rick Culverhouse came up with the theme 'Fall into Tatting' 

6 September 2010

Just to prove!!!

Just to prove that I CAN do pale colours here are two more!!!  

As anybody who knows me realises I do love my bright colours but sometimes I can work with pastels too!!!

I didn't know which to use - the white background or the black so you've got the same snowflakes both ways!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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