7 September 2010

Autumn is here

This is what I was doing last night!  I used a variegated number 20 thread by Yarnplayer and put a very thin gold slub with it.  It's worked out even better than the picture shows.

Autumn is almost here although the leaves aren't turning yet.  The temperatures are feeling a lot more as if we're heading for Mop weather.  The weather on Mop day is nearly always cold and foggy!!!  Locally when the weather gets like that we refer to it as 'Mop weather'.

So this is what I made last night for a friend in the USA.  The pattern will be on the Palmetto CD as they were used for the logo this year.  I was delighted that my submission won the competition for the logo.  Rick Culverhouse came up with the theme 'Fall into Tatting' 


Fox said...

I really fell for those leaves.. couldn't leaf them alone... They might become poplar this autumn... What do yew think? Maple they are going to turn colour soon (groan... help meeee). Ash not what they mean to me 'cause I do not want to be sycanymore! (oh dear...)I'll pine till i hear from you about this.Gotta go spruce up for work now. Might drive by the beech first, but that willow determine what time I arrive. Wishing you cheary day!

sorry - couldn't stop myself...
Fox :))

Elizabeth said...

Love the leaves. I am going to buy the CD as soon as it is available.

Jane Eborall said...

Oh, FOX, what HAVE you done? I've peed my pants laughing now!! Very clever comment!!!!! I'm off to hug trees!!!!!

God's Kid said...

Ok, I think I needed to skip reading the comments. :p
Have a great day! :)

Tatman said...

I LOVE FALL!!! whether in tatted form or Nature :) PRETTY!

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Happy Beaks
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