11 September 2010

Back to the Flurry Snowflake

I was thinking t'other day.  I was thinking (yet again) about the question I often ask myself -  'why do I design' patterns?  My answer is - because I have a 'good idea' and want to make the 'good idea'.  Another factor, believe it or not, is laziness.  I started 'doing my own thing' because I was too lazy to get up out of my chair to go and find a pattern to work from.  Also the patterns I had were 'never quite right'!!!!

Another thought then occurs - why do I share these (well to me) 'good ideas'.  The answer is - if I didn't then what would I do with them.  Some people probably want to be 'famous'.  YIKES - that's not for me.  Some people want to make money.  I'd rather have friends. 

The biggest worry when I've finished with a pattern and put it on the web site is that people will be able to understand it.  

Oh, hang on a minute, I need to change that remark.  That's not the biggest worry - it's the second biggest worry!!  The main concern is will anybody want to work the pattern anyway!  It's therefore a great relief when somebody writes to say they've made it - and even better when they send a picture of it like Katie did.  Here's her Flurry Snowflake which arrived the day after the pattern went 'live'.


Wendy said...

Jane, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Your designs are wonderful, very easy to understand and work from. There are also lots and lots of tatters wanting to tat them.
You don't need to court fame, it has been 'thrust upon you'.
Don't know what your finances are like but you have many friends.lol.
I always go to your techniques pages when I need to remember or learn a new technique.
Keep on designing, the world would be a sadder place without you.

TAT19540 said...

You are one of the most giving people I know! I for one, appreciate that you share so much with us! Your patterns are not only fun, but of the only place you can find some things.And your technique section has been a life saver many times. Your willingness to help us all understand the craft is wonderful! Money only pays the bills and buy supplies; true wealth comes in friendships and you Jane, are 'wealthy' beyond all means! I for one thank you for your willingess to share!

God's Kid said...

That looks awesome just as if you made it! :)
You are an inspiration! :)

Ridgewoman said...

OKay…now I 'feel' very guilty. I have a binder of Jane's techniques, patterns and tutorials. I began the monkey ~ it's a ufo~ :>( I want to do the one-pass edging (it's lurking, looking for a brain cell) :>(

I always send people to her site; and, she answers all my SOS whether it is a pattern of her's or not!

The most important thing to me after reading this? That I am her friend and enjoy sharing in her blog and her life… and I promise in the coming year (after the sheep, rosary and a bookmark for September) that I WILL tat one of Jane's patterns and actually FINISH it! sigh…best I can do is promise!

xxxx P

Fox said...


You are one of my very first teachers and my first saved reference site.

Sometimes, I just go to your site for instructions. Other times I go for inspiration. Maybe mornings I need a chuckle provided by the blog. Or, I am after part of a pattern to practice some technique. I have tatted many of your deigns and I have one particular bookmark in my pile of "must tats", as I write!

Go forth and continue to tat and blog and design and teach, Jane! You are so appreciated by so many!
♥ Fox : )

Brooklynne Kennedy said...

okay this may seem a bit cheeky and it is very unlike me but I love your patterns and think you are the only person who could do this....

I challenge you to design a tatted pukeko


Jane Eborall said...

Ooooh, Brooklynne, that's a fantastic bird. You've gone and woken up brain cell # 3!!!! I'm sure I could 'convert' the kiwi to a pukeko bird. Thanks for the inspiration.

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