20 June 2009

Hearts agogo

A change of heart (or hearts)!!! I've abandoned the double sided motifs for now but I need to do one more just to check the pattern a final time before uploading the updated version.

Here I have a problem. A problem with the web site. I've run out of space!! I have two patterns from a guest designer to put on but I can't! I'm prevaricating for another few weeks because I want to keep my janeeborall.com domain name.

A kid (now a young adult) who I taught when he was five set the domain up for me. All I've ever used it for was to point it to the btinternet site. The timing runs out on this soon. June or July, I think. When this happens I will register it again with another provider. Andy has disappeared to t'other side of the world or I'd email him for help. In fact, I've asked several times but I think he must be out of cyberspace for now.

Hopefully I'll be able to sort this and then use the web space I'll get with that to add more patterns.
Watch this space for further news.

Oh, by the way, I'm not clever with computer stuff. Just self taught by the 'hit and miss and make mistakes' method!

19 June 2009

New web page

I was very very pleased and proud to be asked by Bobbie Demmer to help out with her bauble technique about two weeks ago.

The page is now online and can be found here.

I think you should take note of the last paragraph on the page which says -
"Use this intriguing technique and add beads, picots, or cut picots to create critters, earrings, angel’s heads, or whatever 3D tatting your heart desires. Watch for book #4 from the Shuttle Brothers :-)) featuring many unique ways to use bauble tatting."

The first picture below is Bobbie's and so is the dear little purse in the middle. My attempt (first, I might add!) at making the bauble is on the right.

18 June 2009


Now I've got a copy of this DVD and it's megga good. If anybody in tat land needs a good instructional which you can play over and over again at your own speed then this is the one for you.

If you're a needle tatter and really want to learn traditional shuttle tatting then this is the one for you.

Produced by the Ring of Tatters originally to accompany their kits it's now available from them. I've put a link on my web site too so you can't miss it!!!

The person to ask for more information is Lynne and her email address is

Do I sound like one of those adverts off the telly? Sorry, but I seriously think this would be a good buy!!!

17 June 2009

Another bracelet!

I've almost finished my 'secret tats' so took an evening off to make this bracelet!!!

A neighbour saw my blue one the other day and asked if I could make her one in this lavender colour. Trouble is I now want one for myself!!! BUT I need to do other things. Ah, if I re-wind the thread back onto the balls and put the beads away then I won't be tempted!!!

Re-winding thread back onto the balls is something I trained brain cell # 3 to do many, many, many years ago. Back in the age of the dinosaurs!!!

This means that I always get the right shuttle threads matching back to the right balls. The joys of owning and loving
Aero shuttles, eh?

15 June 2009

What do I like about blogging?

Well, that's a little question with a big answer.

I suppose it's mainly that I like talking. Yes, that's it!!! I like talking but nobody around me likes listening to me!!!!

So on my blog I can talk all I like and never worry if anybody's listening!!!!

Another 'reason' for blogging is to keep me on track in my little corner of tat land. Before the blog I just used to make things and that was it - they'd be given away or go into my 'box of bits'.

Now I scan/photograph everything I make and then I can share - well, mostly share but sometimes I have 'secret tats' going on too.

Probably this is why I'm 'filling up space' talking about talking. I'm actually working on 'secret tats'!!!! Honest!!!!

This evening I hope to return to 'auto tats'!!! Things I've made before but am making again for gifts. I love the excitement of choosing new thread and bead combos out of my stash!!!

Orange bracelet

Another of 'those' sparkly bracelets!!!

Each time I get half way through one I start to think 'I really need one in ........ colour'!!!

I actually DO need one in lilac/purple and a neighbour has asked me to make one in those colours for her too. So, if I make one for HER, pretending it's for ME then I could get past brain cell # 3 and only have to make one more.

Do you follow the reasoning behind this? I don't!!! I'm lost!!!

Oh, the pretty large beads came from the Hospice shop. This is the place you can take things to re-use and is just to the side of the big re-cycle skips!!!! You take things that aren't ready to be thrown away but that somebody else might be able to put to further use. It can be the place to find treasures like beads - but not very often!!!

14 June 2009

My new designer bag!!!

Well here's the new bag!!! It's now a 'designer' bag!!!

First of all my apologies to Gina. I removed you from the bag!!! The badge was sewn on with heavy duty thread which proved pretty easy to get off.

No, I didn't tat these yesterday evening - I found them in my stash and thought 'they'll do'!!!!

My sister is up from Southampton this weekend and she'd seen my bag on the blog. This is her blog, by the way.

Well yesterday there was a repeat of the Friday market in town (this happens just twice a month on a Saturday) so she wanted to go look at the 'bag man's' offerings!!! I'll leave the rest of the story to her!!!

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Happy Beaks
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