20 June 2009

Hearts agogo

A change of heart (or hearts)!!! I've abandoned the double sided motifs for now but I need to do one more just to check the pattern a final time before uploading the updated version.

Here I have a problem. A problem with the web site. I've run out of space!! I have two patterns from a guest designer to put on but I can't! I'm prevaricating for another few weeks because I want to keep my janeeborall.com domain name.

A kid (now a young adult) who I taught when he was five set the domain up for me. All I've ever used it for was to point it to the btinternet site. The timing runs out on this soon. June or July, I think. When this happens I will register it again with another provider. Andy has disappeared to t'other side of the world or I'd email him for help. In fact, I've asked several times but I think he must be out of cyberspace for now.

Hopefully I'll be able to sort this and then use the web space I'll get with that to add more patterns.
Watch this space for further news.

Oh, by the way, I'm not clever with computer stuff. Just self taught by the 'hit and miss and make mistakes' method!


Gina said...

Love this heart!

computer literacy? I think that's how most of us learned if we weren't already in school. The computers were brought out for our use but we had to figure it out on our own or get someone to help us. My formal education was about the office programs, not html or websites.

Kelly said...

I've been very pleased with my own host, Site5. Plenty of space, affordable, and very little downtime.

Fox said...

Run out of space? I wasn't didn't know that was possible on a website.... Good luck with that.

Lovely beaded heart. The balance and colour are most appealing.

Steph's (tat) Stuff said...

Love the heart! Hope to see the pattern available soon. Good luck on getting the page sorted out.

Sally Kerson said...

Well congratulations on reaching CX! No not your age! he he
You greedy thing using so much space on the web!!
The heart is really pretty, I've been trying for ages to get one to fit in a bangle

TattingChic said...

The heart is very cool. That is sweet that the guy you taught to tat when he was five got that site for you. Awww!!! How sweet!

I'm sure you will figure it all out.

Ladytats said...

Hi Jane, good luck on the website,
is the pattern for the heart bangle available?
you didn't mention it in your post.

tattrldy said...

Love the heart! Looks good. I hope you get your website straightened out. I look forward to all your patterns and postings.

Art by JoyMac said...

The hearts are gorgeous.....just love them.
Joy in OZ

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Happy Beaks
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