15 June 2009

Orange bracelet

Another of 'those' sparkly bracelets!!!

Each time I get half way through one I start to think 'I really need one in ........ colour'!!!

I actually DO need one in lilac/purple and a neighbour has asked me to make one in those colours for her too. So, if I make one for HER, pretending it's for ME then I could get past brain cell # 3 and only have to make one more.

Do you follow the reasoning behind this? I don't!!! I'm lost!!!

Oh, the pretty large beads came from the Hospice shop. This is the place you can take things to re-use and is just to the side of the big re-cycle skips!!!! You take things that aren't ready to be thrown away but that somebody else might be able to put to further use. It can be the place to find treasures like beads - but not very often!!!


Sally Kerson said...

I've seen this bracelet in "real life" and it is pretty and really sparkles, in fact the picture does not do it justice.

nima said...

wow...amazing piece of work...

Lebasi Aneres said...

Está bellisima.........

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Happy Beaks
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