14 June 2009

My new designer bag!!!

Well here's the new bag!!! It's now a 'designer' bag!!!

First of all my apologies to Gina. I removed you from the bag!!! The badge was sewn on with heavy duty thread which proved pretty easy to get off.

No, I didn't tat these yesterday evening - I found them in my stash and thought 'they'll do'!!!!

My sister is up from Southampton this weekend and she'd seen my bag on the blog. This is her blog, by the way.

Well yesterday there was a repeat of the Friday market in town (this happens just twice a month on a Saturday) so she wanted to go look at the 'bag man's' offerings!!! I'll leave the rest of the story to her!!!


nima said...

wow...that looks awesome....

Miranda said...

What cheery-looking colors! Now you'll never lose your bag, or have it confused with anyone else's.

Gina said...

Nice embellishments!

So...do I get my name tag?

LOL! :-O

Valerie said...

gorgeous! it's certainly designer category!

TattingChic said...

Ha ha! Now I get the "Gina had to come off the front" after seeing Sally's blog. I love her pink bag! LOL! Yours is nice, too! ;)

(((Hugs))) Aunty Jane! :)

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