13 June 2009

Temptation got in my way!!!

On a Friday in our town there is a street market. This has been held for hundreds and hundreds of years. When I was younger you'd be able to buy almost anything there from fabric to rhubarb, from batteries to watches. Nowadays there are a lot fewer 'useful' stalls but nonetheless I always wander round to have a look and buy fruit. Well, it's on my walk into town so I can't miss the Friday market!!!

I was wandering through yesterday and this bag caught my eye. First of all the badge on it said 'Gina' so that drew my attention. Thanks Gina (tatting goddess) I blame you!!!

Then there was the label which amused me. It says

"Use attention. It will be caused and faded to grit and drench water. Please don't turn back the enclosure at will. don't carry the handle and zipper arbitrarily. Please don't use the pharmaceutical, petrol, etc, while maintaining."

Finally there was the colour which appealed. I took the bag over to the man who runs the stall and said I wished to complain about the bag. I love it when you say that to people and they immediately start to take a step backwards with a defensive look on their faces!

He asked me what my complaint was and I told him - "This bag shouted 'buy me' at me as I walked past". Six pounds lighter in my purse but I'm one happy bunny. Of course it needs something 'done' to it to jazz it up!!!! Tatting?!?!?!


Sally Kerson said...

I see you are now buying "designer label" items!!!! Look forward to seeing the bag later on today, that green is such a vibrant colour.

Maureen said...

I love the green too, it's a lovely mossy green -just like the glass splashback in the kitchen of my new house!
Wasn't it Kermit the frog who said "Green is good"?

Valerie said...

strange instructions! but the bag's handy no less. good you got a present for yourself.

Ladytats said...

isn't it amazing how things talk to us? I was at a 3 day conference once and each day I walked through the vendor area, there was cross necklace that was very interesting, and it made my fingers itch. I walked away, I didn't need another necklace, it was there all 3 days, each day it shouted louder at me, on the 3rd day as the vendor was packing up, they put it on sale. I just couldn't resist any longer. I wear it every day. I need to make a new chain for the cross. I can't wait to see what you are going to put on the bag, it is a very pretty color.

Fox said...

Hilarious that it was "Gina" that caught your eye!

Gina said...

Oh this is funny! It's even got my last name initial (B). Did you feel I was trying to get a message to you? Given those instructions on it, I'd say the message is in code! LOL! And yes....tatting absolutely must adorn it!

Maria said...

Hi,I have been assigned to translate this label into Italian. Could you please help me unscramble it? Thanks in advance!

Jane Eborall said...

I use Google translate which you can find here
Hope this helps

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