11 June 2009

Lost but not found!!!

Do you remember this bracelet? I lost it twice due to the magnetic catch. Love these catches but they're not for me and bracelets!! I'll use them in future on necklaces only. I found it the first time I lost it, but sadly not the second!!! So, because this was one of my favourites (I wear a lot of denim) I made another (see below).

NOTE - I did not use a magnetic catch!!! I also lost an orange bracelet the same way so when I've got time I'll replace that too!!

Yesterday I lost something else!!! No, not brain cell # 3 - he's quietly working away on something else!!

I know it's here somewhere but I can't find it. A nearly new ball of black thread. Where is it? Can anybody help? I do hate it when I lose something like this!!!! Fortunately I have another ball of black so I was able to play with an idea for a proposed book coming out next year. I'm submitting one or maybe two ideas and hope that one is chosen. Yup, another book of patterns for tat land.

Talking books - I ordered a copy of the third Gary and Randy Houtz book off Tatting and Design yesterday. When I spoke to Lyn she said rumours were flying round that they were giving up the business. I can assure all out there in tat land that the rumours are wrong, wrong, wrong and that they've never been busier!!!! Rock on, Lyn and Mike (or should that be 'tat on')?!?!?!?


TattingChic said...

That's cute, Jane! :)

I bought the Houtz Brothers' GR8 books because of YOU, Jane! You are to blame, LOL! ;)

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

I just recently acquired "Tatting and Design" too. I have yet to tat from it...but it is on a long list of "to dos".

Fox said...

Jane, Love the bracelet! I look at your site and there is always something to inspire me - so very much to learn!

What is your first book?

BTW - I have successfully - for ME that is! - completed the pattern I was having such difficulty with! Whew!
Fox : )

AnneB said...

Ups - I just used some black thread - hope it was not yous!

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