27 February 2010

Remember the HDT?

Remember the HDT that I won in Krystledawn's giveaway?  Well last night temptation got the better of me and I got it out to play with.

This pattern is on my site somewhere.  

Hang on, I'll go and see if I can find it!!

I've converted them into bookmarks - as you do!!!!

I must say that I do like the results on these wee hearts.  My instincts were right as I wound it onto an Eze-bob!!!!  

Just re-read this post before it goes out and decided to see if I could source the Eze-bobs in the UK.  I bought my meagre supply on my first trip to the USA and have now got them all working hard at storing threads.  They are really useful too when you're out and about and are much better than a ball of thread to work with.  Having said that - I rarely work with a ball of thread as I always use two shuttles - the second one being (of course) in place of an Eze-bob or the ball of thread!!!!

Here's one link to supplies in the UK of this clever little accessory.

26 February 2010

Before and after

When I was at Palmetto last September they announced a fund raiser for this year's Tat Days.  Georgia is IC (In Charge) of this and I (foolishly!) picked a square out to do.

Why foolishly?  Well because I'd never ever decorated a quilt square before.  There I was thinking this would take just a day or two in the long winter months and would be easy.

Oh no it wasn't - easy, that is.  AND it took a lot longer than a few days even with the help of brain cell number 3!!!!

I finally got it done although I'm not sure it couldn't have had more work and time spent on it but in the end I told myself it was finished and I mailed it to Georgia a few weeks ago.  I do hope it's OK.

The top picture shows the 'before' and underneath is the mess I made of it.  

25 February 2010

Chicken wings

Yes, that's what I said - chicken wings.

Wouldn't you be a bit puzzled if you got an  email with the subject line of chicken wings?  Well I was!!!  

Margaret who lives here in the U.K. sent in the picture below of this pretty little doily.  She explained (good job as I'd never have got the joke) that she'd used Norman's wings and put them together to make it this coaster.  What a BRILLIANT idea.  

I must say a tremendous thank you to Margaret for pointing out that I have inadvertently designed a doily (if only a very SMALL one) - my first ever.

Thankfully she's sent the text for this so I'll be able to put the 'chicken wings coaster' together soon.  I've finished the major drawing for Georgia now so I should have time to do the web page soon.  Life permitting!!!

24 February 2010

Giraffe re-visited

I've just re-visited the big giraffe pattern and 'modernised' it the 'Jane way'.  

This isn't necessarily the 'right' way to put patterns down but it's the way that I've got used to over the years but even that changes as those who have been using them will have realised!!!!

When I first started tatting all patterns were written longhand and all jumbled up on one line - with words instead of symbols.  These were very hard to follow so one of the first things I decided on when writing down my own was that each new element (ring, chain, SCMR, SR etc) should always start on a new line.

Some time ago I did some research into how long it is since the 'shorthand' versions of writing patterns was started and was totally gobsmacked when I found (thanks to all those online tatters worldwide) that this has actually been around since the 1920's or thereabouts.  There - and I thought it was 'modern'!!!

Over the years even my 'little ways' have changed so that's why the giraffe has now been slightly re-written!!!  I've done it so that it can be worked more easily (I HOPE!) with more emphasis on getting it right sided.  Just need the time to put it on the web page!!!  

Come on, who stole my time?  I know one of you did!

23 February 2010

Thoughts on HDT

Not sure whether this post should also have been titled 'thoughts of a grumpy old woman' (AKA git!).

You see it's like this.  Or as my dad insists on saying 'the point about it is, Sally'.  Yes, I know my name's not Sally but in my 66 years he's not yet learnt my name!!!  Sorry, I digress.

I have never really liked variagated threads.  There, I've said it.  Why?  Well I think they're too fussy for me.  I grew up craving colours but the one or two vari ones that Coats did way back then weren't that appealing to a kid (I remember a cream to brown one which I now crave for animals!!).  Anyway, along came the dawn of HDT.  Old grumpy here has avoided it.  Grumped and groaned about it but saw the odd pattern worked in it which looked very pretty.  AH, perhaps this is part of my problem - it's the fact that most of the time it seems to destroy the pattern and the intricacies of the design get lost.  

Until Tatskool sent me some of her HDT.  That was pretty darn cool.  Then Sue Anna gifted me some of Yarnplayers HDT - that was stunning.  Then I won some from a giveaway by Krystledawn.  That's pretty darn cool too. 

It arrived the other day and it sort of looked - well, see the skein below - not that inspiring.  UNTIL, yes, UNTIL I started winding it onto an Ezybob.  WOWEEEEEE.  I love it and can't wait to use that too.  I've used some of the Yarnplayer HDT in the leaves AND for something else which I can't show yet.  Tatskool's has gone too.

The old git is slowly and steadily changing her mind.  Well, being a woman I am allowed to. 

22 February 2010

Pop-A-Bobbin shuttles

All of the current supply have been sold or are pending people's payments!!
I will leave this page up as a guide to what will be available in the future.  All shuttles can be made without hooks - please ask well in advance if you require a particular wood without one.


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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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