22 February 2010

Pop-A-Bobbin shuttles

All of the current supply have been sold or are pending people's payments!!
I will leave this page up as a guide to what will be available in the future.  All shuttles can be made without hooks - please ask well in advance if you require a particular wood without one.



rainbows and raindrops said...

ooooooooooo i'd LOVE the one without a hook!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

I hope your BIL keeps making them because I can't afford anything right now!! I do hope that I can get 2 with a hook when the time comes!!! I don't know which wood I want yet!

Martha said...

Lovely work, what are the prices?

Marty said...

Waaaaa, I went to your Etsy store and there were no more. I need to have two with hooks. I need them. I covet them. Is there another waiting list?

Jane Eborall said...

Marty I have one put aside and will now put another - a sycamore and a cherry. Please email me on love to tat @gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Wow, I went on your Etsy store and they are all gone. :( I would like to get two with hooks. Please let me know when there is more.

Mee Suan said...

Hi Jane, I've created a blog with the help of No.1 daughter, Ruth. Nothing much at the moment apart from the link to you. Hope to post more when I got the time and also when the computer is free!!!

Jeff Hamilton said...

Hi Jane,

Are you getting my emails? I answered one yesterday, and you sent me another one today, whick I also answered. I am still interested in one, in cherry. Thanks.


Typstatting said...

Hi Jane!!!!!!Those shuttles are soooo nice I shall have to save some dollars!!!!

traci said...

really like! how much!?
explain the 2nd piece? - no hook price

thank you!

Texas Stardust said...

Jane, Can I get on the waiting list for the next batch? I would like a cherry wood with a hook, please. TIA, Cecilia

Jane Eborall said...

Of course, Cecilia - no problem. Could you email me on lovetotat @ gmail.com so I can pick up your email address? Thanks. Will let you know when they arrive!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jane, please put me on the waiting list too. I would love 2 also, 1 in Cherry and 1 in Walnut, both with hooks. Options available??? Please email me at TattingKat@sbcglobal.net with price and availablity info.

Thank you
Kristen Bishop

Jane Eborall said...

Kristen could you email me privately - I can't pick up your email address from here. Mine is lovetotat @ gmail.com (take out the spaces). I'll then add you to the list!

Nancy G said...

I too would love to own one of these. Could you. or would you let me know when I can buy one? Thanks!

naylem said...

I am another person who would love, love, love to own one of your shuttles. PLEASE,PLEASE let me know how to get a hold of you and order, I love the oak and cherry woods my e-mail is naylem@velociter.net I have paypal. I will wait to hear from you.Thank You

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