26 February 2011

Does my gecko look OK?

I made another magnetic brooch last evening and was going to show you today - but!!!!   Guess what?  I've lost it!!  Well, not so much lost as I had it before coming upstairs to bed but I can't find it now!!!  So today's post will be about something else!!

It's the smallest things that are often the hardest!!!!  Oh, that's life in general, though!!!!   Looking after the smallest people in our lives is hard too.  Here are some of mine!!!

Not sure if this really does look gecko ish enough yet so thought I'd show you!!!!  When you're working on tiddly bits it's SO hard to get the right shape and expressions into them.  Anyway, I leave you with this and this and this!!!  Oh, better explain!  There's a swan, an angel and a turtle!!!!

I think the next turtle will have to be a tad larger in the body but I really like him.  

OK, off to play 'hunt the brooch' now!!!

25 February 2011

Bookmark to brooch!!!

As I was steaming along the road towards Morrisons pulling my wheelie bin (old git's shopping thingy!) I had another visit from brain cell 3!!  My best ideas come while I'm 'on the hoof'!!!!

WHY NOT?  He yelled at me.  Why not make the bookmark idea into a brooch?  Easy - so HE thought!

Not quite as easy to do, though.  Well, you know what I'm like!!!  I NEVER stick anything onto tatting.  I never use glue to stick on beads, findings or anything.  I always include them in the work - or work them in as I go along!!!  So, of course, I wanted to tat the magnets into the design!!!  They are included in tatting as you can see on the bottom picture - that's the part that sits at the back of the clothing.  I tried to show it next to the front of the flower as well but the wretched thing kept 'escaping' on the scanner platten!!!  

In the end I gave in gracefully (not that I'm a 'graceful' sort of person) and sewed the flower onto the one covered magnet.  That won't fall off in a month of Sundays as I'm an avid 'sewer' and what I sew stays!!!!  OR ELSE!!! 

I'm wondering if these would sell in the Etsy shop.  Any thoughts?  Meantime I'm going to 'test drive' it on my coat tomorrow.  The main reason for making these is cause I like to wear motifs on my tshirts and other clothes and making different magnetic brooches will mean I'll have a choice each day of what to wear and on whatever piece of rag I choose to adorn myself with!!!  Thus a test drive on a thick coat will prove if it works - or not!!!  I'll keep you posted!!! 

Actually it would be great if those who have bought the bookmarks from my shop would comment on their thoughts on if this idea will work.  IF you think it's a 'good idea' I'll make a few more.  Anything to keep me busy!!!!

24 February 2011

Robin, badger and no blips!!!!!!

I wonder if I can explain how I feel about the patterns I do?  It's a bit like having a baby.  Takes months and months to nurture it and carry it around with you (in this case in the mind as well as on the shuttles) and then you get there and it's finished - eureka!!!!

Once it's born (finished!) I then find that I don't want to let it out of my sight for a while.  I can get VERY possessive!!!  Then it becomes a teenager and you can't wait to get rid of it!!!  I actually forget about them too which is why sometimes you see things that I've finished and then they don't appear!!!  Also some go off on trips to other places like the badger and robin.  

The robin was taught by Riet at the Palmetto tat days last year (and by changing colours can become a bluebird too - click on the image on the pattern page for a surprise!) and the badger - well he's been lurking around my computer for years in various 'disguises'.  I think he got rather sett in his ways at one point and wouldn't come out of hiding!!! He doesn't have a 3D head in case you were led to believe that by remarks you've seen elsewhere - it's as flat as a pancake.  

I've also added the 'no blips' link too.  Seems it's going to be pretty useful!!!  All three pages can be reached from my home page here.

23 February 2011

More little critters!

Thanks for all the input after yesterday's post.  There seems to have been a bit of discussion about the 'no blip' join and I must say it appears to be at first  a 'normal join' - specially for the second half of the SR.  I'd just like to point out gently that the 'no blip' way adds ONE small extra movement to the join to extinguish the blip for once and for all!!!   Thought I'd clarify it for those who thought it was the 'normal' join!!!!

Now for today's real post!!!  Here's another group of shuttle critters which have now gone flying over the pond to Erin and Chris.

Can't make up my mind which I like best!!!  I think the hummers but you never know what's going to 'pop off' the shuttles next - least I never know!!!!

Thank you to everybody who tested the 'no blip' idea yesterday - I'll add the link to my web page tomorrow - along with two more patterns!!!

22 February 2011

Talking about BLIPS!!!!

Today's ramble will be about blips!!!!!  I've spent hours and hours on this over the past few weeks until I nearly drove myself round the bend - and back again!!!  Having got it 'sorted' I was then not sure whether it's going to be of much use!!!  BUT Sharren says very enthusiastically that it WORKS and that it works well.

Blips are an annoying part of anybody's tatting and they drive me bonkers!!!!  You know - the 'blips' of colour you get when joining two very contrasting colours.  This happens with rings or split rings.  The front of them look fine until you turn them over and this is what you get - the dreaded blip!!!

I saw another idea years ago but can no longer find it - 'lost in cyberspace', I think.  Anyway, I found it a bit complicated to follow so never got into the habit of using it.
I THINK I've found an easier and faster way to get round the blip problem when joining rings. First of all the front without a blip followed by the back.
This then sent brain cell 3 off on another train of thought.  What about the joins on the second side of the SR?  What IF you could get rid of the blip there?  So here's how it looks after this method of joining.  First the 'right' side followed by the 'wrong' side.   Not that there are any right or wrong sides to tatting, of course!!!

Would you like to know how to do this?  Well, here's a link.  It might look a bit complicated at first but I assure you it's drop dead easy.  IF the majority of people think it's worth adding to my web site then I will but I'd like some feedback first to see if it works for others too!!!!

21 February 2011

More shuttle news!

Before I start - I must tell you that a shuttle posted on 15th December has turned up two months and four days after mailing!!!  If only it could speak I bet it could tell a tale!!!  Would it be about Royal Fail or USA Snail, I wonder!!!!!

Now most of you will have seen and heard a lot about 'im in the garage's Pop a Bobbin shuttles and post shuttles all made in wood.  If you haven't seen them please look in the Pop a Bobbin Shuttle page which can be found above this post.

What I'm going to natter about today is another type of shuttle being made by Chris and Erin Hinton.  They make wooden ones usually but have branched out (scuse pun!) into epoxy ones too.

Erin asked me if I could make some diddly critters to go in them ages ago so I thought 'why not'!!!  Out came 'you know who' and off we both went hand in hand!!!!!  I've still got other ideas but below (right at the bottom) are a few of the next batch.  Hope to show you the rest in a few days.

This is the finished shuttle that they've already made - a seahorse on one side and a fish on t'other.  If you one of these shuttles with a critter in, or anything else - don't ask me please, as I live too far away from Erin!!!!  DOOOO contact her on this email address

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