22 February 2011

Talking about BLIPS!!!!

Today's ramble will be about blips!!!!!  I've spent hours and hours on this over the past few weeks until I nearly drove myself round the bend - and back again!!!  Having got it 'sorted' I was then not sure whether it's going to be of much use!!!  BUT Sharren says very enthusiastically that it WORKS and that it works well.

Blips are an annoying part of anybody's tatting and they drive me bonkers!!!!  You know - the 'blips' of colour you get when joining two very contrasting colours.  This happens with rings or split rings.  The front of them look fine until you turn them over and this is what you get - the dreaded blip!!!

I saw another idea years ago but can no longer find it - 'lost in cyberspace', I think.  Anyway, I found it a bit complicated to follow so never got into the habit of using it.
I THINK I've found an easier and faster way to get round the blip problem when joining rings. First of all the front without a blip followed by the back.
This then sent brain cell 3 off on another train of thought.  What about the joins on the second side of the SR?  What IF you could get rid of the blip there?  So here's how it looks after this method of joining.  First the 'right' side followed by the 'wrong' side.   Not that there are any right or wrong sides to tatting, of course!!!

Would you like to know how to do this?  Well, here's a link.  It might look a bit complicated at first but I assure you it's drop dead easy.  IF the majority of people think it's worth adding to my web site then I will but I'd like some feedback first to see if it works for others too!!!!


Margarets designer cards said...

Hi Jane,

You have explained this so well, we all do it and its annoying when it happens, I think it would good to add it to your web site, for reference for the new tatters.

Maureen said...

It's the same as the Dora Young join - isn't it? - I remember that pulling the join backward thing from the class we had recently!

Pop Lenuta Maria said...

Because of you, I started working with shuttle. Thanks very much for all the tips that we give.
I follow your blog and I learned many things here, including what we've shown today.

Sharren - Tatting in Greenwood, South Carolina said...

Well, you know what I think! Add it - it's neat and it works!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I've printed out a copy so that I can try it on my next two-color piece. It looks easy! Thank you, Jane!

Gina said...

Did you mean to put a picture here????

Anonymous said...

What?! Yes! This is INVALUABLE information!! I will have to try it as I truly dislike having the blip

Thanks, Jane and #3 ... what would the tatting world do without you?!

Crazy Mom! said...

Thanks - talked to Sharren at length yesterday and she raved about this!

Miranda said...

Brilliant! Number 3 worked overtime on this!

Melanie said...

Yes!! Please add this page!
What a great way to get around a pesky color problem. Thank you for all you give to the tatting world!
Yours in humble gratitude,

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Another vote in the 'YES' column!! I would think this will also work when a variegated thread changes color at a joining point. I went nuts with that problem recently, but couldn't get it resolved! You are so generous to do all this work for us!!

Valerie said...

Although I really don't care much about the silly "blip", hey, Jane, it's a great idea to do "away" with it! So, YES, add that tip to your techniques page! You (and #3) are the best!

Mouse^^^ said...

Definitely Jane!!! it does work but on your site!!!!
Michele Waite

Marilee Rockley said...

Not sure if I'm doing your new technique right, but whatever it is that I'm doing I really don't like at all! The joining ring closes okay, and no blip, but the ring doesn't sit straight - it sits at an annoying angle.

Personally, when avoiding blips is an issue (which I don't consider an issue very often at all) I like the Lark's Head Picot Join by Lily Morales
also shown here:

But hey, I really enjoy and appreciate your wonderful, creative experimenting, Jane - keep it coming!

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