2 April 2021

A bit of a change of direction

From time to time over the past week I've been making an elephant.  
My friend along the road had a kit given to her for Christmas and she doesn't crochet.  Shame really but that's life!!  So, she asked me if I'd make it up for her.  Now I do like a kit!!!  

Well I could only do it for a short time at a stretch as the yarn was like rope and the hook was a size 6.  I like tiny, I DO tiny so going to that size was NOT EASY.  

After an hour or so I had to stop as it was making my right arm ache.  I had to scan the instructions as the font was very small but I like working from digital patterns anyway.  Also the instructions left one needing a bit of guesswork too!!!

Anyway here it is in all it's glory.  I don't want to see another kit for a while although I may make him in a smaller size yarn or even thread!!!  

1 April 2021

So DO pigs REALLY fly?

Well that is the question!!!  

This little chap (at the top) flew into my shop a few days ago and the following day he was joined by his pal!!! 

Now I've heard heated discussions between these two as they lie in my Etsy box waiting to fly onto their next home.  

Pig number one has white cotton thread wings and pig number two has silver glittery ones.  They're arguing about which wing is ergonomically better for speed of flight!!!!  I sometimes wonder what I let myself into when I'm tatting!!!!  

The pattern for the pig can be found on my pattern site.  There are two versions - one made with the onion ring technique and one using chains instead.  These are, however, new wings which I've given them.  

31 March 2021

I call them perky!!!

Yes, that's right!!  
Perky Penguins.  I've got three together as a sale item because they're a social animal!!!  They're so tiny too - a mere ¾".  Nearly drove myself bonkers designing them too!!!  

Must show you the beer tankard as well!!!  That pattern is here on my pattern site.

30 March 2021

Still having fun!!!

I'm thoroughly enjoying stocking up my Etsy shop again but I'm afraid (and I apologise in advance) that I'm going to bore you with more about it this week.  I've sold some items already which has really cheered me up and the money I've gained by doing that will help me add more stock too.  
Don't worry - I'll soon get bored with the whole project and will be off doing something else!!  Meantime here's a new hummingbird that I did.  

Rather like the dragonfly (another colourway below) the wing is made using the same 'trick'!!!  I'm selling two of these hummingbirds together as I didn't want them to get lonely!!  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!

29 March 2021


I had my second Covid jab.  Nick had his on Saturday and now we both feel a lot safer.  Well I do as I'm the one who goes 'out and about'!!

I took a supply of 'dangles' to give out and now they've all gone.  I didn't think about how the staff would react but it was a real pleasure to see them get a very small reward for all the hard work they were doing.  They were delighted to get my Covid infection!!!!

My appointment was at 08:40 and that was (in real terms) 07:40 as the clocks had changed during the night to daylight saving!!!  I was really, really tired by bedtime!!!

Oh, the pattern for this little dangle is here.  I make the button version as I find that much easier.  

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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