12 March 2016

Fandango bookmark

Here we go - another diversion!!! Yes, I'm incorrigible.

This time it's a Fandango bookmark which is made with HWT (Hand Wound Thread). 

For those who haven't heard me wittering on about it before - it's any two or three strands of thread wound onto the shuttle together. In this case (IF I remember rightly) it's sewing thread and just two strands. 

This is the link to the pattern. Sadly it's one of mine - just because I'm forever checking my 'stuff' for mistakes or improvements that I can make!!!

11 March 2016

You just NEVER know!!!

Going live shortly - a batch of Pop A Bobbin Shuttles in my Etsy shop here.

Every few weeks I wander into one of the book shops in town. I always buy any tatting books - just to save them from being forever 're-cycled' into the tip. 

Yesterday when I went into my favourite shop I found this book (below). Yes, I've already got a copy myself - bought it back when it was published in 1973. I just can't abide leaving tatting books in shops. So, what do I do with it now? Goodness knows!!!

It's been a trip down memory lane looking through it - I recognised one or two patterns I made up. Back in those 'good' old days there was a great dearth of patterns and I used to buy anything that had patterns in. I've still got all those original purchases including pages ripped out of magazines that either myself or my gran salvaged.

Ah, time to get back to this century and leave the past one behind!!!

9 March 2016

Another of those motifs

Here's another of the motifs - this time with the same Karey variegated thread but this time a cream to go with it. Tat's a LOT better, I think. 

Now to see what else I can do with it!!!

8 March 2016

Shuttles coming soon

I have more of the Pop A Bobbin Shuttles to put in my Etsy shop sometime towards the end of the week.  

In this batch is a new wood called Imbuya (below).  I gather that 'im in the garage' has a bit more of this wood but not a lot!!!  Well, I think that's what he said.  Here's the list of what will be available.

1 YEW £18.00
1 ROSEWOOD £18.00
2 SYCAMORE £18.00
3 IMBUYA £20.50
3 ZEBRANO £20.00
3 JARRAH £20.00

7 March 2016

Apologies to Karey

When I was in Canada I had the pleasure once more of meeting up with Karey Solomon. The unfortunate part was that she'd brought a huge selection of her HDT (hand dyed threads) with her and I was on a self inflicted ban stopping me from buying ANY MORE thread.

Well, as you can imagine - that didn't work!!! I kept going past Karey's stall in the hall where we were meeting and fondling and looking at her selection. In the end, as you have probably guessed, I gave in and bought some.

So a week or two ago I decided they needed to be used. Well, not so much 'needed' - more honestly I wanted to let my itchy fingers start on one at least. 

Why the subject 'apologies to Karey'? Well because what 'looked good' on the two threads side by side in the ball just didn't show up her thread for how lovely it really is. I'll be trying another combination soon. Keep watching this space!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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