11 March 2016

You just NEVER know!!!

Going live shortly - a batch of Pop A Bobbin Shuttles in my Etsy shop here.

Every few weeks I wander into one of the book shops in town. I always buy any tatting books - just to save them from being forever 're-cycled' into the tip. 

Yesterday when I went into my favourite shop I found this book (below). Yes, I've already got a copy myself - bought it back when it was published in 1973. I just can't abide leaving tatting books in shops. So, what do I do with it now? Goodness knows!!!

It's been a trip down memory lane looking through it - I recognised one or two patterns I made up. Back in those 'good' old days there was a great dearth of patterns and I used to buy anything that had patterns in. I've still got all those original purchases including pages ripped out of magazines that either myself or my gran salvaged.

Ah, time to get back to this century and leave the past one behind!!!


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I recognize that book! I think either my mom or I must have owned it at one time. I did a lot of macrame in the early 70s, mostly hanging baskets. My friend Kathy and I got to the point where we could each finish one over our lunch break. Fun times!

Teresa said...

I did macrame in the 70's too. I loved it but never got that good. I love th bag on the front of that book (booklet?). I should see if I still have any of my macrame books left because I really like the way it looks.

Bernice said...

Jane, you should have a spring giveaway and include the book. I love macrame. It was fun and fast to do the 70's, perhaps time for a resurgence.

Robin Perfetti said...

I'm always on the lookout for tatting books whenever I'm at a used bookstore or antique mall. The closest I have come to finding one was the DMC Encyclopedia of Needlework. I guess tatting books are really rare in the suburbs of Washington DC!

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