3 February 2007


Another lot of tatting listed on ebay - oh, and three Aero shuttles. Finally sold the second item I'd listed at Etsy overnight. It's SUCH a pretty site I do wish it would become more popular. http://www.etsy.com/ Listing there is SO much cheaper too. This is only the second thing I've sold in nearly six months!! My only consolation is that other tatters haven't done very well there either. I've re-listed the earrings on ebay and again spent a loooonnnnggg time trying to get a good scan or photo of them. Sadly I cannot do them justice. They really are SO pretty. I love that pattern and my cream and brown ones which I made in 2004 and have worn regularly are still as fresh as when they 'came off the shuttle'.

31 January 2007

Another ring and a question

I made another ring last night - orange and yellow. The pattern is now tested and soon to come out of 'beta'!!!!!
Beneath is also a picture of the braid I've been playing with and my question is 'how would you suggest I make a flexible fastening for it?' I would like to make little 'signet rings' with it as it's so cute but am flumoxed by how to make a flexible fastening. You will see that in the one below I've kept the ends and put them through the starting ring and a bead - BUT this needs to be tightened and kept in place but easily released to take off. I thought of 'treasury tags' as an answer but they wouldn't be pretty enough so I'm stuck!!!!!
I would appreciate any input.

30 January 2007

Braid time again!

I paid a return visit to the braid last night after the butterflies. Well, I cheated a bit as I did one butterfly in the afternoon! So, this time I've started with a ring and then made the braid. I think I know what I want to use this for - but there again, maybe I don't!!! Time will tell!!!

29 January 2007

Back to Butterflies

Heck, I know I should be doing something with all my 'pending' patterns BUT I do so love making these butterflies. I'm one of those people who is compulsive about some things and this is one of the patterns I just LOVE making. I think it's the 'colour coordinated' rings that 'do' it for me. That and this beautiful variagated Flora thread. I really, really love it!! Ah, well, I'll get round to listing them on ebay one of these days when I get fed up with making them. Ebay's certainly helping out with some enormous bills I've had since the middle of December. Keeps me out of mischief during these dreary winter days too. Ah, where are those butterflies?

28 January 2007

I've got a new ring

I decided I needed a new ring and after a VERY expensive month or two I couldn't afford to buy one. So, out came the shuttles and beads. Now for a pattern. I 'borrowed' one and altered it slightly to come up with the flower. The central bead is an old Carnival bead. You'd never guess that this started out as a star!!! http://tinyurl.com/yozm6h Well, it needed a little bit of alteration but not a lot. The outer part is also based on the star. The band is the braid which I used for my bag.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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