31 January 2007

Another ring and a question

I made another ring last night - orange and yellow. The pattern is now tested and soon to come out of 'beta'!!!!!
Beneath is also a picture of the braid I've been playing with and my question is 'how would you suggest I make a flexible fastening for it?' I would like to make little 'signet rings' with it as it's so cute but am flumoxed by how to make a flexible fastening. You will see that in the one below I've kept the ends and put them through the starting ring and a bead - BUT this needs to be tightened and kept in place but easily released to take off. I thought of 'treasury tags' as an answer but they wouldn't be pretty enough so I'm stuck!!!!!
I would appreciate any input.


Barbara J said...

I've got 2 ideas that might sound rather daffy but perhaps you could expand it and see where it takes you.

1. You know how some draw-string pouches have like a little plastic gadgets where the person presses both the sides and hence the strings glides along the gadget to open the bag up. May be kinda bulky for a ring though.

2. A small piece of velcro the type that sticks rather than sewn.
This might be quite workable really.

Jane Eborall said...

Thanks, Barbara. I've been looking for those little toggle things you have on bags. Can't find any small enough!!! The velcro idea sounds good - will give it a whirl!!

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