23 November 2018

The end of a cardigan and the start of ....

Well I'm not quite sure yet!!!

The yarn was originally a cardigan that I made a year or two ago. For some strange reason I can't find any pictures of it when it'd been finished. This is weird as I'm pretty good at keeping track of things.

Well I didn't wear the garment more than once or twice. I'm not totally sure why but I know I didn't like it. Here's a picture of the pattern I used and you can see that I've used the same yarn as stated - etc, etc.

It fitted just fine but never felt comfortable so it simply 'had to go'.

Now it would've been easier to send it to a charity shop or recycle place but I'd paid good money for the yarn. It took me hours and hours and hours last week to unravel it all. As it's a fluffy yarn it kept sticking to itself.  Nightmare!!!

Here's the result below the pattern!!!!

22 November 2018

Double bobbin shuttle

Not quite sure what to do with this shuttle!!!!

A friend has passed it on to me to sell or whatever. I don't want to keep it if somebody else can make use of it. It's hardly been used and just has a little thread on each bobbin. There are two bobbins in the shuttle and another spare.

So, if anybody would like to make me an offer I'll happily sell to them. Anna asked me to put the money to a charity and, if it sells and if she agrees, I'd like to give it to the Air Ambulance charity.

I've looked the value up online and they seem to be $14.00 from the only place I can find who sells them - Lacis. So really I think this would be an ideal offer for those in the UK. I'm happy to send it anywhere, though. 

Anybody who's interested please email me and the highest bidder by Saturday morning (9am GMT) will have it. Don't forget there will be postal charges on it.

21 November 2018

Gloves adventure

I decided that I simply HAD to tidy up my yarn a couple of weeks ago!! I've got quite a lot of odds and ends of yarn which seem to be breeding in one corner of our back room. 

First was to sort it into thicknesses. I'm not a lover of chunky wool and much prefer four ply and double knitting too.

Sadly while I was going through the yarn I found three balls of four ply!!! Why sadly? Well it's the love of fiddling, I suppose. Me and fine thread of any sort have a fatal attraction!!!

One of the balls I found was a lovely ball of merino four ply so I simply HAD to make that into a pair of gloves - see below.

First problem was finding the 'right' pattern and that turned out (about halfway through) to be 'not so quite' right!!! Anyway with just three yards of yarn leftover when I'd finished I got the stinkers done!!!

Then I lost them!!!  Completely and utterly for several days.  It's not been cold enough to wear gloves really until yesterday.  After agonising about where they'd gone I finally found them in a bag!!!

20 November 2018

A gold bell and two red ones!

I'm still slowly making bells and these are waiting to be slightly pulled into line and stiffened!

Again the top two are HWT - originally sewing weight threads but now wound double onto the shuttle.

The gold is some of the lovely Lizbeth metallic thread which I like but not enough to buy more balls than this one!!! Well, not yet. I still have a little of this left.

19 November 2018

Off on another

Adventure, that is!!! 

I liked the look of the brown and cream mat that I finished here so decided to do another with different colours.

I'm wondering if I should add the mat idea to the pattern - or not. It's quite challenging to get the joins right but maybe a diagram only of 'how they happen' might be worth a shot.

Any thoughts? Would anybody want to make a large mat of these?

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Happy Beaks
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