23 November 2018

The end of a cardigan and the start of ....

Well I'm not quite sure yet!!!

The yarn was originally a cardigan that I made a year or two ago. For some strange reason I can't find any pictures of it when it'd been finished. This is weird as I'm pretty good at keeping track of things.

Well I didn't wear the garment more than once or twice. I'm not totally sure why but I know I didn't like it. Here's a picture of the pattern I used and you can see that I've used the same yarn as stated - etc, etc.

It fitted just fine but never felt comfortable so it simply 'had to go'.

Now it would've been easier to send it to a charity shop or recycle place but I'd paid good money for the yarn. It took me hours and hours and hours last week to unravel it all. As it's a fluffy yarn it kept sticking to itself.  Nightmare!!!

Here's the result below the pattern!!!!


Maureen said...

What a shame you didn't like the pattern, but now you have all that lovely yarn to play with again.

craftie sylvie said...

I admire your patience, unravelling a fluffy yarn is really not fun! But there's no point in keeping a cardigan you never wear, so it was worth it. And there are so many patterns around, you're bound to find one you'll like more :)

Pigmini said...

So are you doing the same as you showed us a few weeks ago??

Btw... I got that pattern too!! Not made up tho!

Jane Eborall said...

Another waistcoat, Pigmini? No. Not that. You’ll see but you’ll have to wait a few more days, though!!!!

Bev said...

I think the problem is the variegated wool and not the pattern. When I have used variegated thread for tatting, sometimes you lose the pattern, especially if the variegations are intense. I only use subtle variegated thread now.

Jane Eborall said...

I agree, Bev over the yarn colours but in this case it was more that the cardigan didn’t really ‘sit’ right on the shoulders. With the following waistcoat I used the same technique throughoutt and that sits well. It’s a case of ‘win some, lose another’!!!!!

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