21 November 2018

Gloves adventure

I decided that I simply HAD to tidy up my yarn a couple of weeks ago!! I've got quite a lot of odds and ends of yarn which seem to be breeding in one corner of our back room. 

First was to sort it into thicknesses. I'm not a lover of chunky wool and much prefer four ply and double knitting too.

Sadly while I was going through the yarn I found three balls of four ply!!! Why sadly? Well it's the love of fiddling, I suppose. Me and fine thread of any sort have a fatal attraction!!!

One of the balls I found was a lovely ball of merino four ply so I simply HAD to make that into a pair of gloves - see below.

First problem was finding the 'right' pattern and that turned out (about halfway through) to be 'not so quite' right!!! Anyway with just three yards of yarn leftover when I'd finished I got the stinkers done!!!

Then I lost them!!!  Completely and utterly for several days.  It's not been cold enough to wear gloves really until yesterday.  After agonising about where they'd gone I finally found them in a bag!!!


Pigmini said...

So had you gone out modelling them, then got too hot?? That's what I do! Unfortunately I pocket them and they fall out!! Think I need strings on mine!!🤣

Jane Eborall said...

Exactly right, Pigmini!!!!

Bev said...

Great that you were able to use up an orphan ball of wool! Now I think they would be improved by a tatted medallion on each. Haha Jane. I’ll see if you can resist the challenge,

Maureen said...

Agree with you about Chunky yarn, it stretches so much and of course is far too weighty for Queensland. The wool for your gloves was a wonderful find, dig deeper and see what else might turn up in your stash.

God's Kid said...

Great gloves!! :)

Jane Eborall said...

Bev, I thank you for giving me an idea for a present!

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