23 February 2013

Back to the snowflake again!

Well after the TIAS there's time to play and I'm back to this idea again!!!

I've almost sorted the revised pattern too so must get it finished and off my list of 'things to do' next week.  I love the top one here - don't the colours zing.

On the subject of the TIAS - we're nearly at the 100 mark now.  I wonder who will make number 100?  There seems to be a bit of a 'thing' about becoming 100!!!

22 February 2013

Both small cats and Godzilla

Another 'before I start' post.  We've now got 95 prams (beginning to think we might 'beat the goats' in numbers) but I'd love you to read Katharine's comment which tickled me to bits.  More about her sense of humour below.

First I want to show you the two cats together so you can get an idea of how they could look.

I love to see what people have done with my patterns but this one came as a shock!!!!  This is the pattern - a kangaroo and joey.  Imagine my shock at seeing what Katharine has done with it.  Shock but WHAT a hoooooot.  Don't you just love people's imaginations?  This one even breathes fire!!!  Thanks for a humungous giggle, Katharine.

21 February 2013

Small cat stretching up

Just when you thought it was safe to visit this blog - this is what happens!!!  Another feline appears.  This is part of the reason you never got the other cat until yesterday.  Not only did I have problems with tweaking that cat but this one just didn't want to be designed back then!!!

When I remembered the two patterns a week or so ago I just picked up this one and it 'happened' straight away!!!  No idea why sometimes I struggle and other times things fall off the shuttles.

Anyway - here's the companion to yesterday's cat!!!!

20 February 2013

Small cat.

First of all - thank you to everybody for your comments and private messages about the TIAS.  There will be another next year and it will be mainly the same as before but with one or two small improvements.  Please check this link too to see the three TIAS's sent in yesterday - there's a surprise on there!!!!

I have been clearing out my computer with a confession or several to make.  

This little moggy was started and was ready to go about two years ago but I wasn't quite happy with parts of him so he got forgotten!!!!  I also wanted to make a companion too!!!!  I like animals to be 'doing something' sometimes so this little critter was 'born'.

I've got his alter ego nearly ready to go too and just hope that I get time today to finish him off.  It's the links and uploading odds and ends which seem to take the time.  Anyway, enough rambling - happy tatting!!!!

19 February 2013

A sort of a questionnaire!

This year has been the sixth year of the TIAS and it occurred to me the other day that I'd never asked what I could do to improve it.
I'm sure there MUST be improvements I can make so I'm taking notes now in preparation for next year's 'effort'.

I need to know things like are there too many parts to the designs?  I aim for around 10 but should there be fewer?

Is each part of the pattern released too soon or is the gap too long?

Do you feel you are obliged to send in comments and/or pictures?  I don't want this to happen although I do like to have a first and a final one from everybody just so I can see if it's worth doing another the following year.

Should there be some sort of 'signing in' to do the TIAS in future whereby those people and only those get the links?

I'm also curious as to why so many start and then roughly only half finish.  I know things like 'life' get in the way but does it mean that people give up because either they can't manage it or because (when they realise what it is) they don't want the finished item.

Any help or suggestions would be very welcome and I'd appreciate if they were sent to this email address.  lovetotat @ gmail.com.

18 February 2013

A host of bookmarks!

Well, not quite a host - more like 7 to add to the other 3 already in there!!

Over the past ten days or so I've been making more of the Wrap It, Flip It and Mark It bookmarks for the Etsy shop.  

I've been using one of these since I first came up with the crazy idea.  Well, it seemed sort of crazy at the time but they actually work very well.  

You take the tape and fix it round the back of the book cover (this is adjustable) and then the motif can be flipped into the book to mark your place when you've finished reading.  

Here are a few of the ones I've listed.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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