22 September 2012

Heading towards Tat Days

Thursday saw a leisurely start before starting out to Toccoa and the fun of Tat Days.  First we went to Mary Mac's for lunch before driving the two hours to the venue.  

Tat Days is held in a lovely place which you can see here with a beautiful lake 'down the hill' which can also be viewed from the dining room.  The food was great and plentiful too.

First of all was the teacher's meeting and I had to abandon Sally for that.  I was a bit worried as she knew nobody there but when I came out I had to go looking for her and found she'd already started making friends.  

The two of us then set about setting out the pob a bobbin shuttles and assorted roly poly bags in the vending room.  A room to be avoided if you didn't want to drool over threads, shuttles, books and assorted other items in there!!!  I spent lots of dollars in there!!!

Later we watched Martha demonstrate her home made bead loader in the gathering room.

Friday morning saw my first lesson in which I learnt something new from Phyllis and I will be telling you more about that later.  I was gifted with some lovely pressies too.  Thanks, Phyllis.  I was chuffed to bits.  The second and third pictures are some of my students - the dance was due to a successful split ring!!!!!  The fear of split rings was vanquished during the lesson!!!!

Oh, perhaps I should make it clear - I was supposed to be the teacher but I also learnt from my students as usual.

21 September 2012

Where DO I start?

Well, at the beginning, I suppose!!!  The first stop on our trip was at Frankfurt where we had to transfer planes to take us on to Atlanta (top picture).  Must say that Lufthansa and the experience at this German airport were really good.

In Atlanta we were lucky to be able to stay with Crazy mom (her house is the second picture) who isn't the least bit crazy at all.  OR maybe we're just as crazy as her?  We were lucky enough to intrude on Larry's birthday celebrations (one of her stooges) and had our first ever taste of Velvet cake.  Yummy.  So yummy I forgot to take a picture!!!  Sandra, the stooges and husband are all great to be with but we nearly kidnapped their new kitty called Lilly!!!  We were searched before leaving on Thursday!!!  Well, not really!!!

The following day we rested up as we'd had an extremely early start from the UK and were to say the least - tired!!!

On the Wednesday we met up with Hanna and Sara who were staying in Hotlanta before going to Tat Days (see third picture).  These two lasses (wonderfully fun people to be around) had come over from Sweden and I'll tell you more about them later (from left to right - Sara, Hanna, Sandra and my little sister, Sally).  A visit to the World of Coca Cola, The Varsity and other places all made for a great time in Hotlanta.

20 September 2012

Home again!

Sally and I got home to my house yesterday about noon.  All flights were on time and the trip was almost uneventful except for an 'incident' mid flight which was not much fun.

As I gradually unpack I will share my trip pictures and some of the Tat Days too although you may have seen and heard a lot from the others who were there.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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