22 April 2017


I forgot to show this round of Renulek's doily although I finished it days ago. 

In this round (round 8) I've used a couple of pale green HWT threads and I think they look fine. I've already started and am well into round 9. Again I've avoided the issue (well, my issue) of the onion rings and have used a chain round instead. More of that in a few days!!!

I seem to have been going through a 'dry' patch of blogging but a lot of that is because I've been working on something new. A few close friends have seen it and I'm almost ready to share pictures although the pattern may take a while for me to finish!!! 

Well, that's not strictly true. I just like teasing you all!!! It's going to be a .......... Nope, not going to tell you - you'll have to wait!!!

21 April 2017

Talking block tatting

A few days ago I had a very interesting conversation with another tatter over block tatting. 

She'd found my tips and techniques page here and also this video by Gina Butler.

Now this lady quite rightly pointed out that I did the join in the second row differently to the video and that my page needed changing. I looked at both the video and my page and saw exactly what she meant. Well then WHY had I got it wrong? Before I started to change my page which would involve drawings too, I decided to try both methods out and compare them.

I realised why I'd put that join on the second row and which says to use the furthest thread from the picot. NOT what I'd normally recommend BUT there was a reason and a good one too according to BC3. If you try it yourself WITH TWO different colours you'll find that by doing that the second row colour goes 'right to the end'. Look carefully at Gina's sample at the end of the video and you'll see what I mean - hers doesn't 'quite' go to the end.

I do love it when people get in touch and make me wake up to visit my weird brain again further 'down the line'!  My page will stay 'as is' for now but I do appreciate that this was pointed out to me.

19 April 2017

2 orphans

I have two little orphans who got left behind after Sally stayed with me a few weeks ago. They're called Tulipwood and Cherry. They are available to the first one or two people who comment on this post (and who say they can give them a good home!).  By all means comment but the first two who offer to adopt them can have them!!! 

The cherry is £18.00 and the Tulipwood is £20.00.  On top of that there is the cost of postage which will be £3.15 postage to anywhere outside of the UK (a lot less if within the UK - £1.15).  If the same person wants the two of them then the postage remains the same.  

I will send you a Paypal invoice to your Paypal email address when we've 'made contact'!!!!

18 April 2017

Round 7

I thought another change of colour was now due!!! Something a bit 'stronger' and brighter. 

I'm also working on another design which I think is going to be my 'best ever'. I always think that at this stage but it's never happened yet that I've done my 'best ever'. Once one is done I can always think of improvements and even other ideas!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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