21 April 2017

Talking block tatting

A few days ago I had a very interesting conversation with another tatter over block tatting. 

She'd found my tips and techniques page here and also this video by Gina Butler.

Now this lady quite rightly pointed out that I did the join in the second row differently to the video and that my page needed changing. I looked at both the video and my page and saw exactly what she meant. Well then WHY had I got it wrong? Before I started to change my page which would involve drawings too, I decided to try both methods out and compare them.

I realised why I'd put that join on the second row and which says to use the furthest thread from the picot. NOT what I'd normally recommend BUT there was a reason and a good one too according to BC3. If you try it yourself WITH TWO different colours you'll find that by doing that the second row colour goes 'right to the end'. Look carefully at Gina's sample at the end of the video and you'll see what I mean - hers doesn't 'quite' go to the end.

I do love it when people get in touch and make me wake up to visit my weird brain again further 'down the line'!  My page will stay 'as is' for now but I do appreciate that this was pointed out to me.


muskaan said...

You are absolutely right and I have done a comprehensive study of block tatting, with numerous 2-colour trials using all the techniques I could find (and Martha generously sent me her own book scan, too!). I haven't had time to post on blog. But yours is different, not 'wrong', and it has it's advantages. I wanted to seek your permission before posting, but the project went into limbo. Hope to revive it soon, since all pics and details are in place.
Wish I could draw technique diagrams like you do :-)

Pigmini said...

I'd say (and I've been heard to do so, frequently) that there isn't a right or wrong way of tatting. If you look closely and know what you're looking at, you can tell which way someone has tatted. However, as a. most people don't look closely, and b. they don't know what they're looking at anyway... it don't really matter! What matters is that you like the end result!! Let's be quite honest, if you'd made a piece of jewellery, or a doily, or an edging, surely it's what it looks like from a distance when it's finished that makes you decide whether you like something or not!!

Jus' sayin.... (VBG)

Jane Eborall said...


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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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