20 November 2010

Back to 'Flurrying'

Well the good news first of all is that LAST WEEK'S post finally arrived yesterday - a very important letter posted first class (which in theory should arrive the following day) was 9 days late!!!  A few other letters arrived but still no sign of the missing cheque or six missing small packets - two of which are mine and badly needed.  I do know that mail is going out fine, though, and one or two buyers of shuttles last week have already got theirs.

Have you ever met an angry Jane?  A rare and interesting breed!!  A really frustrated and angry old git called Jane?  Well a certain 'manager' of the local sorting office did yesterday and I managed to have an audience too! who were backing me up!!!  He assures me/them that we will get our mail tomorrow or Sunday but they're now 65,000 pieces of mail behind! (up from 40,000 which was the figure given in the local paper in the morning)!!  Did you see the flying pigs too?  Last seen heading towards the hills!!!!!!

Well back to the serious stuff.  I got sidetracked yesterday evening (great 'talking' to you on Chatzy, Georgia) so only got one Flurry Snowflake done.  Below are the ones I did on Wednesday evening.  I need to do approximately another six but in Christmas colours as they'll be for the grandkids and family.  The reason for all the 'non Christmas' colours is that a lot of my friends never put them away and keep them 'hanging around' all year!!!

19 November 2010

A trilogy and a change of mind!!!!

I was feeling really lazy the other evening and hadn't got any beads sorted to make more Flurry Snowflakes so just grabbed the ones I'd got sitting next to me!!!

I like making the butterfly bookmarks but this time decided to use the double double stitch (thank you Rhoda Auld - 1976) for the tail. It gives a much, much better result, I think.  Must go and change the pattern on the web page sometime.

Another day gone and STILL no post so no more magnetic bookworm bookmarks can be made!!  We had two letters on Wednesday - one of which was my new bank pin number - megga big phewwwww!!!!  The very important letter posted first class is now over a week late and a big cheque for money owed to me has still not arrived.  I rarely get angry but I am at the moment.

18 November 2010

Beaded neck purse

I think I forgot to let you all know that the beaded purse is now finished and back up on this url.

There are a few alterations to the original pattern but not too many!!!  It's an easy pattern needing only rings, chains and split rings - with a few beads here and there!!!  Ask Sally - she'll give you the honest true 'low down' on this!!!

This pattern is as old as Methuselah so was well overdue for a re-vamp!!!
This is the front.
Now the back!!
Finally the cord.
As an addendum - we had two letters come through the post yesterday but many more are still 'missing'.  I went to the sorting office in the end and the guy said that our mail was 'out for delivery'.  Hmmm, put out a search party for our postie - no sign of him down our road!!!

17 November 2010

Flurry size 10

This is the Flurry Heartache worked in a Cebelia size 10 and Jane's lovely HDT.

My size 10 matches Jane's HDT in size which is such good luck for me as I only have about three balls of plain ten.  I love this thread and will just HAVE to make more.

For people who bought pop-a-bobbin shuttles from my Etsy store - I have a message.  The Royal Mail hasn't delivered us any post now for nearly a week.  Apparently there's trouble at the local sorting office.  Now, whether this affects outgoing mail or just incoming hasn't yet been established.  I will let you know WHEN and IF I find out.

I'm desperately waiting for more magnets - a flowery bookmark sold within four hours of being listed on Monday so there's a new one there now - further bookmarks will have to wait until the postie wakes up!  I'm waiting for my new bank pin number (guess who got herself locked out of her bank account last week) and other very important stuff.  It's SO frustrating.

16 November 2010

Today I'm going to show you a result of my initial search for magnets!!!  

The bookworms needed magnets and to find the 'right sort' took a few pounds (sterling) and a lot of research.  My first purchase turned out to be waaay too thick for a book - 3mm thick in fact.  These were put to one side until I found the right ones and thus the bookworm was born!!!

So, what to do with the others?  The guy I bought them off on ebay said I could return them and have a refund but they were cheap (unlike the bookworm ones!) so I didn't bother!!

Back in the summer I had a stall at the Medieval Fayre in town and I sold a lot of odds and ends but the mini button flowers just didn't sell.  People looked at them and didn't buy.  Finally, once brain cell 3 had woken up, we both realised it was because they didn't know what to do with them!!!!!  So with 'unused magnets', a bright and sparky brain cell 3 and a bit of time they were 'turned into' fridge magnets!!!!  Here they are on the fridge in all their glory and using the unloved magnets which are ideal for this purpose!!!

I bet you thought that's a good idea.  Did you?  Well it is but unlike most regularly normal folks I couldn't just 'stick' them on with glue - I had to go the whole way and make a covering for the magnet which I then stitch them to!!!!!  I can't sell things which may fall apart so this is my way of making sure!!!!!  You can see the posterior of one of them below this picture.

15 November 2010

Ooooooh, another breed of worm!!!!

At the bottom of our garden (hidden behind a huge and vicious pampas grass) we have lurking and hiding a compost bin!!!!  Now why am I telling you that? Is it because I've done a tatted compost bin?  No, not even I can be inspired to do that!!!!  The reason for telling you this is because I took a trip down there over the weekend to visit my worms who live in there and do SUCH a great job of creating my compost!!!!!

While there and talking to my worms I was thinking how very 'plain' they are.  They are plain on the top of the bookworm bookmarks too.  So then I thought 'why not something a bit prettier'!!!!  So here's a bookworm bookmark with a butterfly on the top!!!!

Now, tell me honestly, should this be named a bookbutterfly bookmark, a bookwormbutterfly bookmark, a bookbutterflyworm bookmark or simply a magnetic bookmark?  

As the critter isn't in the book itself I've added beads!!!  Whoooppppeeeee, an excuse to get out the beads again!!  I've also listed this one in my shop - just in case somebody wants to give it a new home!!!

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Happy Beaks
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