19 November 2010

A trilogy and a change of mind!!!!

I was feeling really lazy the other evening and hadn't got any beads sorted to make more Flurry Snowflakes so just grabbed the ones I'd got sitting next to me!!!

I like making the butterfly bookmarks but this time decided to use the double double stitch (thank you Rhoda Auld - 1976) for the tail. It gives a much, much better result, I think.  Must go and change the pattern on the web page sometime.

Another day gone and STILL no post so no more magnetic bookworm bookmarks can be made!!  We had two letters on Wednesday - one of which was my new bank pin number - megga big phewwwww!!!!  The very important letter posted first class is now over a week late and a big cheque for money owed to me has still not arrived.  I rarely get angry but I am at the moment.


Margarets designer cards said...

They are beautiful, There is nothing worse than waiting for a letter, I know the feeling, we have a new postman, 11.40am before he got here yesterday, speed was so fast !!! slow slow quick quick slow, if he got any quicker he would meet himself coming back.
Have a good day hope the letter comes today

Anonymous said...

Really pretty, Jane!

The one in the middle makes me think of Smores (chocolate and marshmallow). Which I don't even like marshmallows, but love making Smores!

Here's hoping that postie will: 'go the extra mile' *pun intended* and get everything sorted out and the mail will be working as normal again soon.

Carol Lawecki said...

I love tatting this butterfly! I just tried out the double double stitch for the first time and I like how it looks. I have Rhoda Auld's book and think it is so creative for its time. Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

With all the news about the upcoming Royal wedding - when I took a quick glance at the butterflies, my first thought was royal crowns. You do beautiful work - keep it up. Thanks - Robert Kent, in cold northern Iowa.

God's Kid said...

Awesome butterfly bookmarks! :)

Ridgewoman said...

of course you KNOW my two favorites! LOL I completed my Secret Santa motifs and am much relieved that my pkg will go out before Dec 1st. Now! On to the rosary for Luz and then; there is still 12 Days of Christmas….Company for Christmas season…
xxxx P

TypsTatting said...

Lovely butterflies and I hope that your letter gets to you soon.

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