17 November 2010

Flurry size 10

This is the Flurry Heartache worked in a Cebelia size 10 and Jane's lovely HDT.

My size 10 matches Jane's HDT in size which is such good luck for me as I only have about three balls of plain ten.  I love this thread and will just HAVE to make more.

For people who bought pop-a-bobbin shuttles from my Etsy store - I have a message.  The Royal Mail hasn't delivered us any post now for nearly a week.  Apparently there's trouble at the local sorting office.  Now, whether this affects outgoing mail or just incoming hasn't yet been established.  I will let you know WHEN and IF I find out.

I'm desperately waiting for more magnets - a flowery bookmark sold within four hours of being listed on Monday so there's a new one there now - further bookmarks will have to wait until the postie wakes up!  I'm waiting for my new bank pin number (guess who got herself locked out of her bank account last week) and other very important stuff.  It's SO frustrating.


Margarets designer cards said...

Wow lovely colours and beautiful heart, not sure what is wrong with the post these days, hope you get everything sorted soon. Margaret

Swotpisces said...

Wonderful and lovely .. I like it. I like your blog. :)

max said...

very nice the tatting

TAT19540 said...

I just love government agencies, don't you(NOT!). Sorry that your Post hasn't been working. Hope they get up and running soon.
I really like the heart with just the center beads. I also like it with picots instead of beads. Looks nice!

Anonymous said...

Love the tatting piece, in every way!

Sorry to hear about your mail troubles (worse yet) and banking troubles!! Been there, done that!

I plan on sending you a little goody... I'll let you know when it's in the mail so you can keep an eye out for it. :-D hope the mail troubles wouldn't cause it to not get through... maybe I should wait until it clears up? Just let me know.

God's Kid said...

Such a beautiful heart! :)

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